Eminent Guide to Know How to Open NSF Files Without Lotus Notes in Outlook

Peter Baris ~ Modified: 30-11-2018 ~ Microsoft Outlook ~ 5 Minutes Reading

IBM Lotus Notes is a prominently used email application used by huge organizations to achieve their daily requirements of email communication within the office environment. Besides this, a lot of the users prefer to utilize this email client on their machine to open and view their day to day emails in offline mode. Such Lotus Notes account generates a separate NSF file for every profile to store the entire data integrated with it. Read till end to know the most efficient methods to open NSF file without Lotus Notes in Outlook.

Apart from Lotus Notes, email applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express and so many. These all are also some of the popularly used desktop-based email applications to access emails in offline mode. You can open NSF file in any of the above-listed platforms, but for that, you first required to convert NSF files into other formats that are compatible with that application. So, in this article, we will be going to discuss the most asking query how to open NSF file without Lotus Notes in Outlook.

Reasons to Open NSF File With Lotus Notes Installation in Outlook

When a user wants to open and read NSF file without Lotus Notes installation, there can be multiple reasons behind this like:

  1. When a user is transferring the email client by his desire, then the need to open NSF without Lotus Notes occurs.
  2. The most reasonable cause is that if a user wants to move to a new work environment, where Outlook email application is adept.
  3. The maintenance cost of Lotus notes application is high enough as compared to another email clients.
  4. Migrating to Microsoft Outlook for its features and functionalities like configuring various user accounts at the same time.

So, it is not completely incorrect in asking to open NSF file without Lotus notes download on the system. But the issue arises when a user does not have any idea about how to read NSF file without IBM Lotus Notes installation or to access in MS Outlook. If talking about the professionals and their solution, the use of an automated software is highly advised. The products named “Export Notes” application easily allow access of NSF file without Lotus and facilitates quicker results. Even a novice user find this software efficient and easy to use. Otherwise, to know more about another solution, you can refer to the manual technique to read NSF files without Lotus Notes installation.

How to Open NSF File Without Lotus Notes Manually?

The manual technique utilized to access and open NSF files without Lotus notes download is executed in two workarounds. After the performing both the phases, the Lotus Notes NSF files are successfully transferred to MS Outlook application. This two workaround process is described in the following segment:

Workaround 1: Export data from IBM Lotus Notes

  1. First of all, launch Lotus Notes application and click on an Open button from the menu bar.
  2. Then, hit on File option and navigate to Export from the list that displays.
  3. An Export window will open and you required to select a location to store the file after export. Choose to save type from the drop-down as Comma-Separated Value (CSV) or Structured Text.
  4. Now, you will be asked to name the file after that click on Export.
  5. Here, after export, you will either get a CSV file or a Structured Text Export display.
  6. After properly selection of the appropriate option click on OK to proceed forward.
  7. At last, that you have successfully migrated the Lotus Notes data file; you have to import the resultant data file in MS Outlook.

Workaround 2: Import Resultant File to MS Outlook

  1. Initially, launch Microsoft Outlook application in your system and click the File menu
  2. Now, choose open and then navigate to Import option from the list in the right pane
  3. Here, an Import Export Wizard will open from which you have to choose the option “Import from another program or file” under the option to choose an action to execute.
  4. Click on Next to proceed. An import a file wizard prompt up
  5. After that, choose comma separated values (CSV) and then hit on “Next”
  6. Browse and choose the file migrated from Lotus Notes.
  7. Then, choose the desired location or folder in the user account, where you need to store the exported files. Moreover, you can also enable the option of “Replace the Duplicate items”.
  8. Select the folder to store the data after importing and click on Next.
  9. Lastly, the procedure takes some time to complete after that hit on Finish button once the task completes successfully.
  10. On perfect completion of the process, a user can easily open NSF file without Lotus Notes installation on the system. But this free technique has some disadvantages that are also discussed in the following segment

Restrictions Associated with Free Solution

  1. Selective or specified file conversion is not possible.
  2. If the files are not considered with proper precaution, it can induce file corruption.
  3. The technique is a lengthy process and can take time till successful execution.
  4. A user can encounter loss of data issue after performing this manual method.
Final Words

In this article, we discussed a manual method that can be utilized to open NSF file without Lotus Notes easily. But in case of a non-technical user, who are facing problems in the execution, he/she has to go out an alternative approach. In such situations, using expert software is the best solution. The Revove NSF to PST Converter software provides accurate results effortlessly and does not require any high technical knowledge.