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Peter Baris ~ Modified: 23-11-2022 ~ Lotus Notes ~ 5 Minutes Reading

When we talk about IBM Lotus Notes, there are a set of users who are moving to other email applications from IBM Notes, and also at the same time, there are users who are still using the Lotus Notes application. Well, now these two types of users want to backup their IBM Notes data either to import the data to some other application or in the case of preventing any data loss in the future. When it comes to export Lotus Notes emails, a majority of the users prefer to convert Lotus Notes emails to PDF format. But the sad part is these individuals are pretty confused about the procedure to implement their needs.

Are you among your users who want to export Lotus Notes emails to PDF format, unfortunately not aware of the steps to perform? Then, this blog is here is help you out from all your difficulties to save emails from Lotus Notes as PDF.

What Are the Benefits to Export Lotus Notes Emails to PDF Format?

Here are some of the reasons why users have a strong desire to convert Lotus Notes email as PDF files.

  1. Compatibility is All that Matters
    PDF is an independent file format, which is capable to open in any OS, no matter it is Windows, Linux, or Mac. Apart from these platforms, this versatile file format can also be launched in mobile phones and various other devices.
  2. Better Data Security Options
    Security is one of the major concerns, which is faced by users. Now, PDF stands on top when it comes to security as it not only allows password protect the PDF document but also enables to apply various operations like copy, print, read, etc to restrict from the various unlawful act.
  3. Limited Storage Capacity of IBM Notes
    Lotus Notes has got limited database size to store the files. However, when the size goes beyond the limit, it makes the data inaccessible. Therefore, export Lotus Notes emails to PDF is a wise option. Hence, there arises a need to convert Lotus Notes email to PDF
  4. Safely Accessible from Anywhere
    There are different users who use varied web-browsers that may differ from one another. Therefore, it is important that the PDF file, which a person is working should be easily saved without facing any technical challenges. Moreover, PDF files can be instantly retrieved regardless of the web-browsers, which is been utilised.
  5. Changing Organisational Need Most of the organization these days are migrating to other email application from the default email client. Moreover, while exporting the data from IBM Notes, there are chances of data loss. So to prevent from such failures, converting Lotus Notes emails as PDF is the best backup option.

Looking for Manual Workaround to Export Lotus Notes Email to PDF Format?

  1. Initially, select the email and drag it any location of your choice, which is then saved in EML format
  2. After that, open the dropped EML file with the help of Outlook application
  3. Now, go to File>> Save As>> choose HTML file format to export Lotus Notes emails to PDF
  4. Then, open the saved HTML file in MS Word and later save the file as PDF format
  5. At last, you can see the emails are saved as PDF after implementing the above steps
“Few days back, most of the user’s email data were hacked from my organization and I don’t want to fall prey in such incidents. Since then, I am looking out for some trustworthy tool to export Lotus Notes emails to PDF format. With the manual method, it will consume my whole day as there are numerous emails to convert. So, please suggest the best tool for the same!”

Just like the above query, users have came across with various downsides with the manual method. One of the down factor is that the aforementioned native trick proves fatal and leads to loss of data when there are bulk emails to convert into PDF format. As it allows to convert only limited number of emails. Because of which, this approach is characterized as a lengthy and time-consuming process.

Finally, the time has come to overcome the cumbersome manual steps via NSF Converter!

Beat the Manual Technique’s Limitations With Professional Software

With the help of Lotus Notes to PDF Converter tool, one can convert an unlimited number of Lotus Notes data items such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc to PDF format. It does not pose any file size restrictions, hence a user can export NSF files of any size.

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In case if the need is to convert only selective emails, then make use of date filter option to export Lotus Notes emails to PDF. Moreover, it offers an option to translate the canonical name into SMTP format. It is also capable to maintain internet header and HTML formatting after implementing the conversion process.

It’s No More a Challenging Task to Convert NSF Files!

In order to eradicate the downsides faced by the user while undergoing the manual technique to export Lotus Notes emails to PDF. We have come up with this post where we have described the best and cost-effective solution that will help even a naive user to smoothly perform the procedure without giving any chance of data loss issue.