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Microsoft Outlook is one of the dominant email client application available for both Windows and Mac operating system. There is always some unforeseen circumstance arises which leads to migration of user from one to other i.e. from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook or vice versa. Read to know how to export Mac Outlook 2011 to PST in Windows Outlook.

Most of the time it’s user’s own problem not the underlying operating system forces them to do so. Then what are the actual reasons due to which Outlook for Mac 2011 users wants to transfer their mailboxes to Windows Outlook. If the requirement arises then how can they achieve the same in most efficient and orderly manner.

What makes Outlook so popular among the organizations and home uses as well. The reasons for the same is its compatibility with the different operating system. The Microsoft Outlook is available for both Windows and Mac Operating system and its works smoothly without any glitches on both platforms. But by analysing the trend of last few years, it is clear that most of Outlook users want to move their mailboxes from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. The migration of the user from one to another is not the big problem despite of the fact that both Mac Outlook and Windows Outlook provides the same set of features. Then what are the reasons due to which user want to transfer mailboxes from Mac Outlook 2011 to Windows Outlook.

What are the reasons to export Mac Outlook 2011 to PST?

Microsoft has launched the Outlook For Mac in the year 2011. Prior to this Microsoft has discontinued one of its email client application named as Entourage. As a result of which the user base of this email client hugely attracted to Mac Outlook 2011. Apart from this user found it more simple and user oriented email client application. But what happens for last few years that most of the Mac Outlook user migrate to Windows Outlook with complete mailbox data.

These are the some reasons collected from multiple Outlook community majorly pointed to the deficiency of features in Mac Outlook 2011 forced them to make bold decision to move mailboxes to Windows Outlook.

1. The Searching option to filter out desired emails in Mac Outlook is not so robust
2. Unavailability of Email Merge functionality forced user to move from Mac Outlook 2011 to PST
3. In Mac Outlook 2011, there is features to assign categories for contacts stored in address book.
4. Lack of features to store the chat history between the clients.
5. The database file of Mac Outlook is more prone to corruption as compared to files of Windows Outlook.
6. There is no possibility to connect Outlook for Mac 2011 to social networks

If you want to export Mac Outlook 2011 to PST due to above mentioned reasons. Then you need to remember that the process of migration is not very simple or easy. But with the tips and solution mentioned in the subsequent sections, users can easily transfer Outlook for Mac 2011 mailboxes to PST without any glitches and extra effort.

Export Mac Outlook 2011 to PST Via Manual Methods

Outlook for Mac user OLM file to store mailbox data while Windows Outlook prefers PST file for the same reason. Thus for successful migration of Mac Outlook data to Windows Outlook, the conversion of Mac Outlook 2011 Mailboxes to PST is much needed.

Quick Guide to Migrate Mac Outlook 2011 to PST

The technique to transfer Outlook for Mac 2011 to Windows Outlook is divided into two distinct parts.
1. Export Mac Outlook 2011 Mailboxes (OLM File Format)
2. Import Outlook For Mac Mailboxes to Windows Outlook

Export Mailboxes From Mac Outlook 2011

Follow below mentioned steps to export data of Outlook for Mac in default file format.
1. Open Mac Outlook application and Go to File and Export
2. In the Export dialogue box check the Outlook for Mac (OLM) data file option
3. If you want to export everything then choose the items items of the following types and check which types of items i.e. mails, calendars, contacts etc. are to include
4. If you want to export selective data then choose the items that are in the category option.
5. Now click on the right arrow given at the bottom of export wizard.
6. Select option in the delete after the completion of the export process.
7. Again click on the right arrow at the bottom.
8. Click on Finish when the process completes.
9. Save the exported file at the desired location and then go ahead with the import process of Outlook For Mac 2011 to Windows.

Import Resultant Data into Windows Outlook

Follow the below mentioned steps to import resultant Outlook for Mac mailboxes to Windows Outlook.
1. Open Windows Outlook and Go to File and Then Import
2. In Import Wizard, select Outlook data file (.PST or .OLM)
3. Click on the right arrow at the bottom of import window
4. Select Outlook for Mac data file created in the above export process.
5. When the process complete then click on Finish or done to exist
6. After the completion of import process, Mac Outlook 2011 mailboxes appears under the My computer folder list in the left hand panel of Windows Outlook

More Simple Way to Export Mac Outlook 2011 to PST

The above mentioned is quite effective and efficient in migrating data from Mac Outlook 2011 to PST. But one have to follow lot of step. If you wants more simple and time efficient solution then the use of Revove OLM to PST Converter is recommended. The software is complete collection of autonomous features and fully accomplished with advance algorithms. The simple to use GUI enables the user to complete the operations without any glitches or hassle.

export mac Outlook 2011 to pst

The Last Few Words

Since, we have discussed the fact why user requires user to migrate from Outlook for Mac to Windows Outlook despite of the fact that both are technically same product. The manual technique are available but for quick and easy migration, one should prefer automated solution to export Mac Outlook 2011 to PST.