How to Print an Email in Outlook for Mac? Read Expert Guide

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With more users trying to find the answer to how to print an email in Outlook for Mac, we have provided a detailed answer in this blog. Mac Outlook saves its data in a .olm file that must convert into PDF format to be able to print. Printing the emails in Outlook for Mac offer various benefits such as:

One can secure the resultant file using a passcode to prevent it from unauthorized users.
A PDF file is independent of the operating system and hence can be opened in any system.
They can be transferred over the internet as they do not take up much space.

There are many other benefits so let us discuss the methods in the next section.

Manually Print an Email in Outlook for Mac

Users can choose to perform the manual method or other ways listed in this blog. But before diving in and trying the manual method, be careful to not mess up your data. Also, it is mandatory to have Mac Outlook properly installed and configured on your system to perform this method.

  1. Launch Mac Outlook and click on the email to print
  2. Right-click on the email, and select the print option.
  3. Here, hit the PDF format & click on Save as PDF.
  4. Give the destination location to save the resultant file.
  5. Users can now navigate to the location where they saved the PDF.

This completes the manual method but there are certain limits to the method. It allows printing only one email at a time. To be able to save multiple files in a single attempt, it is advised to perform the following steps.

Automatic Way of Printing Email in Outlook for Mac

This method works even without the need to install Mac Outlook. If you have the .olm on your system, then simply perform these steps. This way can be used for printing bulk emails in Mac Outlook. Above that, it offers transforming the source emails into various formats including PDF.

This method offers several advanced features such as naming convention and date filtering for selective printing of emails. It supports files from Outlook for Mac 2019, 2016, 2011.

Steps to Print Emails in Mac Outlook

  1. Launch SysTools Mac OLM Converter on your computer and click on Add File or Folder option.
add mac outlook emails

2. Now, browse and load the Mac Outlook emails to print and click on Open.

browse outlook for mac emails

3. A new screen will appear, select PDF as the export option and apply the advanced settings.

choose print option
apply printing settings

4. Check the box that asks to maintain folder hierarchy and browse a location to save the resultant file locally on the system. At last, hit the Export button.

print outlook for mac emails

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We have discussed in detail that how you can print an email in Outlook for Mac. We discussed both manual and automatic methods to perform the task. Users can choose to perform any of them depending upon the requirements and their choice. However, using a third-party tool has its advantages like maintaining the data integrity and provides a safe environment to execute the task without harming the source files.