OLK Converter Software For Windows & MAC

Proficient Tool to Convert olk14message & olk15message to PST, MSG, MBOX, PDF, HTML & EML

  • Import olk14message to MS Outlook PST
  • Split Large PST file option
  • Export OLK14message & OLK15message calendars into ICS file format
  • Convert bulk olk14messages to EML, MBOX, PDF, HTML & MSG
  • Save olk15messages to PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, HTML & MSG file format
  • Option to export Emails with attribute from OLK to Office 365 Account
  • Date Filter Option for Selective OLK file Conversion
  • Apply Multiple Naming Convention while conversion from okl14messages to EML & MSG
  • Categorization based conversion of olk mails and calendars
  • Organize olk14messages and olk15messages according to -from, subject, to, sent, size etc.

Significant Features of OLK Converter Software

convert bulk olk14messages to eml & msg

Convert Bulk olk14messages to EML & MSG

By using the OLK14message Converter tool you can directly browse the Folder containing the huge collection of olk14messages. OLK Converter automatically scans the bulk olk14messages file from the folder. You can easily save bulk olk14messages in EML & MSG file format which can easily be preview in the multiple email platforms such as Thunderbird, MS Outlook etc.

Convert Olk15messages to PST

Convert Olk15messages to PST

With the help of OLK Converter, you can swiftly convert the olk15messages file to PST. PST file is the default file format of Microsoft Outlook on Windows Platform. After converting OLK15 Messages file to PST file you can easily able to view its content in the Microsoft Outlook on any Windows Operating System. By converting olk14messages to PST, OLK Converter minimizes the dependency or latency of Mac Operating System

convert bulk olk14messages to eml & msg

Save OLK15Messages to HTML, PDF Format

OLK15Message converter software allows you to save bulk OLK15Message to popular file format such as PDF or HTML web-page. after conversion to HTML file format, one can easily view & access OLK15Messages in any browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. The resultant PDF can also be viewed in any PDF editor program.

Convert Olk15messages to PST

Export OLK14Messages to MBOX Format

OLK File converter software facilitates to export OLK email, calendars, notes, to-do list to MBOX file format. With the conversion of OLK to MBOX, user has wide range of choices to view content of MBOX file in email clients such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, SeaMonkey etc. the software do not lose any data while exporting OLK15Messages to MBOX format.

Export Selective OLK File

Export Selective OLK File

OLK Converter tool allows you to export selective olk14messages file to PST, EML & MSG. You can manually select the desired olk14message by check or uncheck the option. For the automatic selection of the olk14messages file, you can use the Date Filter option which allows you to select the olk14messages from specific time period such as From 14 JAN 2016 to 14 JAN 2017. OLK File Converter automatically selects the olk15messages and convert it to desired file format.

Large PST File Split

Large PST File Split Option

When you are going to convert bulk olk14messages to PST using OLK Converter. It provides you the option to split or divides the large PST file into multiple small PST file. You can define the size of PST file according to your need from 100MB up to 50GB. The small PST File is easy to manage and the chances of occurrence of corruption in small PST file are negligible. So it is feasible to split large PST file into small chunks

organize OLK14Message Files

Organize OLK14Message Files

You can re-arrange or organize your OLK14 Message using multiple attributes. For sorting your olk14messages according to subject wise then you have to just click on the subject tab. OLK14messages listed sequentially as per subject. Similarly, You can organize your OLK14Messages or OLK15Messages using attributes such as To, From, Sent, Received and Size wise also.

Transfer Categorization

Transfer Categorization

OLK Converter tool provides the two different category option namely Mail and Calendar. If you want to convert only email associated with the olk14message file to PST, EML, & MSG then you have to select mail option. For calendars, you have to select calendars option. By default OLK Converter Software only convert OLK14Message to PST, EML & MSG.

OLK14Message Converter For Windows Screenshots

olk14messages to pst
Step 1: Download & Installs OLK to PST Converter Software
Step 2: ADD OLK14Messages File
Export OLK14Messages File
Step 3: Preview OLK14Messages File with attributes such as emails, calendars.
Select Target File
Step 4: Export OLK14Messages to PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, PDF or HTML

OLK to PST Converter Software Specifications

Revove MBOX Converter

Trial Limitations

Demo version of OLK Converter software allows converting and saving first 25 emails from OLK15 to PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, PDF or HTML file format.

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100% Secure

System Specifications

  • Support: Windows10, Windows 8.1 & all below versions of Windows.
  • Processor: 1 GHz processor(2.4 GHz is recommended).
  • RAM: 512 MB of RAM (1GB is recommended).
  • Disk Space: 100 MB of free disck space.

OLK Converter Faqs

Can I use the OLK to PST Converter to convert olk14messages to MSG files?

Yes, You can definitely use OLK Converter to Convert OLK14Messages to MSG File format. Apart from olk14messages , OLK Converter convert OLK15Messages to PST, PDF, MBOX, HTML and EML.

What is the file size Limitation of OLK to PST Converter Software?

The Full Version of OLK14Messages does not impose any limitation on the file size but there are certain restrictions imparted by demo versions on the OLK file size. You can only convert 25 files per folder using demo version of OLK to PST Converter.

Convert OLK to PST Software Order Now

Free Vs Full Version of OLK Converter

Features Free Version Full Version
Convert olk14messages to PST/HTML/PDF
Maintain Folder Hierarchy
Convert olk14message to MSG, MBOX
Import olk14messages to EML, MSG, HTML, PDF
File Size Limit 2GB per File Unlimited
Export Scanned OLK File Features Features
Cost Free $69

Get Your Mac olk14message or olk15 message converted to PST, EML & MSG Files

  • Convert olk15messge or olk14message to PST, EML & MSG
  • Preserves internal data formatting of olk14message while conversion to PST
  • Supports bulk migration of olk14 messages to PST/EML/MSG
  • Advance date filter option to move specific olk emails of certain time duration
  • Export complete items of olk14 or olk15message i.e. Emails, Calendars, Contacts
  • Supports OLK file of Mac Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2011 version for conversion
  • Compatible with latest Mac OS X Versions i.e. OS X 10.10 or later ones also.

The Features and Benefits of Mac OLK File Converter

Import OLK14Messages

Import OLK14Message or OLK15Message

OLK file converter facilitates to convert olk14message or olk15message to PST, EML and MSG file formats. OLK15message converter software allows to convert items like emails, contacts, calendars in case of PST file and only emails in for EML and MSG formats. The original file formatting remains before or after conversion.

Bulk migration of OLK files

Bulk Migration of OLK Emails

OLK14Message converter tool allows to perform the bulk migration of olk emails to pst, eml and the msg file format. You can add multiple olk files using add files button to be converted. OLK file converter does not impose any restrictions on the export process. You can browse multiple files at once and convert it to Outlook PST in quick time.

data filter option

Date Based Data Filtration

OLK to PST Converter provides the functionality to selectively import olk14message via data filter option. This so option so advanced & unique that you only need to select date range i.e. From & To. The software automatically filters the data for you based on date range. Thus, it saves your crucial time and provides extra ease.

flexible naming convention

Flexible Naming Convention

OLK Converter tool provides the functionality to save the olk to eml or msg with desired names via multiple naming convention feature. OLK to MSG Converter software offers to save olk14message to msg with different names such as according to subject, date, From or To etc. By choosing this option you are able to easily distinguish your files from bulk.

maintains data formatting

Option to Maintains Exact Formatting

OLK file converter software ensure to maintain the folder hierarchy of olk14messages intact until the completion of conversion of olk15message to PST, EML and MSG formats. The original formatting of olk files remains unchanged. OLK14message converter does not harm or leaked data. It remains safe and secure.

easy user interface

Effortless User Interface

The OLK14Message converter software is enriched with easy to use graphical interface. The software is designed with motive to provide ease to non-technical user as well. The olk15message converter software supports all the latest versions of Mac OS X i.e. OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.4 & 10.10.5, Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.3.

OLK Converter For MAC Screenshots

add mbox file
Step 1: Click on Add Folder Option
select file system
Step 2: Specify Filters
avail previews
Step 3: Browse desitnation location
Step 4: Export Mac OLK to PST, EML, MSG Format Emails

Mac OLK Converter – Specifications

Revove Mac OLK Converter

Size: 25.0 MB Version: 3.0

Trial Limitations

Trial version of MAC OLK File Converter tool Export 25 items from OLK14Messages to PST, EML, MSG formats.

Download for Mac100% Secure

System Specifications:

  • Support: Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite and above
  • Processor: Mac Computer with Intel Processor
  • RAM: 512 MB of RAM (1 GB is recommended).
  • Disk Space: 100 MB free hard disk space
  • Internet connection to receive updates
  • Outlook: Mac Outlook 2011 or Outlook 2016
  • Java development kit 1.8.0_101

Mac OLK File Converter – Faqs

Does the MAC OLK14Messages File Converter tool support MAC OS X 10.10 or its later versions?

YesThe MAC OLK File Converter supports conversion for MAC OS X 10.10 and later versions also.

How to convert olk14messages to pst using olk file converter software?

The simple steps to be followed to convert olk to pst are:-

  • Download & Installs OLK Converter software on Mac OSX
  • Click on Add folder button select olk file and click next.
  • Apply Naming Convention & Date Filter
  • Convert olk14message to PST, MSG & EML
  • Transfer Unlimited olk15 & olk14 to PST
  • Supported on Mac OS X 10 & above versions

Does software allows to export olk address book as well to pst format?

Yes,with help of olk file converter software you can easily convert olk address book to pst format in quick time.

Is there any limitation in using the licensed or full version of OLK converter software ?

No, There is no limitation held in using full version of OLK to PST converter software for the purpose of converting olk14message to pst, eml and msg file format.

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Best Tool For Conversion of OLK14Message or OLK15Message to PST, EML or MSG Files

Features Demo Version Full Version
Convert olk14messages to pst
Maintain Folder Hierarchy
Convert olk14message to msg
Import olk14messages to EML, MSG
File Size Limit 2GB per File Unlimited
Mac OS X 10 & above Supported
Export Scanned Mac OLK File Features Features
Cost Free $69
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