Copy Outlook Contacts From One Account to Another – 2 Top Ways

Published By Siddharth Tehri
Published On July 5th, 2023
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Summary: Learn about different strategies that you can adopt to copy Outlook contacts from one account to another.

Have you created a new Outlook account and want to add the contact list from the former account to the newer one? Having more than one account has become a necessity to manage your work and personal life. But whatever the reason might be, the thought of undergoing a lengthy process to copy the Outlook contacts from one account to another can be daunting.

Table of Content

  1. Manually Copy Outlook Contacts
  2. Professionally
  3. Observational Verdict

The idea of re-entering all of the contacts into the new Outlook must have crossed your mind but it’s not worth your time. So, how do we do it? In this blog, we will explain how you transfer your contacts.

Now, in the section below we are going to learn about manual method and professional method works. Let us go one by one to understand both the method and its working steps.

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Copying Outlook Contacts From One Account to Another Manually

The manual method is also divided into two phases to copy Outlook Contacts from one account to another solution mentioned below:

Phase 1: Export Contacts to CSV Format

1: Run Outlook and click on File >> Open and Export

2: Select the Import/Export option >> Export to a File

3: Choose the Comma Separated Value (CSV) >> Next

4: Now choose the folder that has your contacts >> Next

5: Then save the file at your desired location

6: After this map the custom fields and click on Finish.

These steps will generate a CSV file for each contact. Now, perform the below-given guidelines to copy them into a new account.

Phase 2: Copy Outlook Contacts From One Account to Another

7: Log in to your new Outlook account, choose File>> Open & Export

8: Click on the Import/Export option and choose “Import”

9: Select the “Import from another program or file” option>> Next

10: Choose the CSV file and select the file you want to copy

11: Select the folder to import and map the custom fields Finish!

You have successfully achieved the task to copy contacts from Outlook from one account to another. After performing this method, if you are still not getting any suitable solution, don’t worry! Below is the professional way to do so.

Copy Outlook Contacts to Another Account Professionally

Grab this Revove vCard Exporter Tool to easily copy the Outlook Contacts into another account without any data loss. This software provides you with multiple options to make your task risk-free for all kinds of issues. There are no restrictions on file size and both technical and non-technical users can finish their tasks on time. Download the below after being fully satisfied with its features.

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Now, below we have explained the software’s easy working steps for copying contacts to another account without falling into any trouble.

Export Outlook Contacts to Another Account – Steps

1. Download the tool to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard format.

Copy Outlook Contacts From One Account to Another

2. Add Outlook PST file into Software Panel


3. Preview all the contacts into the software UI


4. Select options and convert Outlook contacts into vCard successfully.

Copy Outlook Contacts From One Account to Another

A resultant file has been created containing Outlook contacts. Now, to copy Outlook contacts from one account to another, you’ll have to import this file into a new Outlook. Follow the below steps to know more:

1: Install & Run the Import vCard contacts to Outlook Tool

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2: Browse vCard Folder from Local System

3: VCF Import Options: Existing PST, Outlook Profile, or New PST

4: At least, you have successfully Imported vCard Files to Outlook PST.

After performing manual and professional solutions. Hope you will get the best solution and which one is an amazing solution to export Outlook contacts to another account without any time boundaries.

Why Prefer Tools Over the Manual Method?

  • You can move multiple contacts in and out of Outlook with the help of the software which isn’t the case manually because the manual method does not support exporting multiple contacts in a single attempt.
  • Even if your source file is corrupted or orphaned or protected by passwords, you can easily achieve results with the help of this tool.
  • You can copy the contacts that you had formerly deleted with no extra effort on your part.
  • A contact file has attributes and details such as name, phone number, address, email ID, images, notes, etc. You can successfully copy them into your new account easily.

Observational Verdict

In this article, you learned about ways to copy Outlook contacts from one account to another account. Which is the better method to execute this task? Here are two methods that are manual and professional tools that export Outlook contacts into another account. They both have their way to complete the task without any restrictions. So, read this blog for more information.