How to Rebuild Corrupt Lotus Notes Mailbox Containing NSF Files?

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Technical Overview – Lotus Notes NSF File

Have your Lotus Notes NSF files got damaged and are you looking for an easy solution of Lotus Notes fixup? No need to panic as we have brought to you the finest solutions on how to rebuild corrupt Lotus Notes Mailbox. Before we go into the solution part, it is important to step into the basics of NSF Lotus Notes files and the issues that trigger the corruption in NSF files.

Lotus Notes is a very fond choice among users because of its high-tech functionalities and proficient management of emails. It is an email client along with calendar, tasks, etc. features. It has all its files in NSF file format. A wide number of users rely upon Lotus Notes for their primary purposes yet there are some issues attached to it that hamper the working flow of users. So, let us quickly look at the issues that arise in Lotus Notes NSF files in the next section and then we will discuss the methods to repair damaged NSF file.

Corruption Issues in NSF Files:

Let us quickly understand the possible causes of damaged NSF files so that we know where to start the solution from. Causes itself give the answers to repair corrupt NSF file.

  1.  Recurrent crashes in Domino server cause corruption in Lotus Notes files.
  2.  Faulty third-party add-ins also make NSF files erroneous and cause damage.
  3.  Improper access to administrator database causes corruption of NSF files.
  4.  Hardware issues may delete all data in NSF server and cause rupture of NSF files.
  5. Other reasons like a virus, abrupt shutdown, bugs can also lead to damaged NSF files.

 Types of error messages in Lotus Notes:

The error messages in Lotus Notes appear in the following form. This is shown in the image given below:-


Solutions to Recover Corrupt NSF Files:

 Corruption in data is not a new phenomenon in the IT world. A large number of users face the maligned data issues. Corruption in NSF database is a serious problem as it decreases the working flow and hampers the progress. So, we have come up with efficient solutions to prevent NSF file corruption from happening. There are two manual methods for this process. Let us look at these methods to repair damaged Lotus Notes files one by one.

 Manual Method #1 – Rebuild Corrupt Lotus Notes Mailbox Containing NSF Files

 Follow the below-written steps for resolving corrupt NSF file recovery.

 1. Firstly, select the Domino server but if it does not run then, run it as Domino Administrator.

 2. If it still not works then, log on to the local server to run fixup on the database at the client side.

 3. Click on the File tab and handpick the desired database that user wishes to run fixup on.

 4. Go to the Tools panel and choose Database and select Fixup. Now click OK button.


Manual Method #2 – By Command Prompt to Rebuild Corrupt Lotus Notes Mailbox

 This is an even more efficient method to repair corrupt NSF files. The steps are mentioned below.

 1. Firstly, open the command prompt and set the directory to Lotus Notes file.

 2. Now, write command nfixup.exe  /X:/.nsf and hit the Enter key in next step. This command is used to normally scan the NSF files and also repair damaged or corrupted NSF files.

 3. If the issue is not resolved then, type ncompact.exe X:/.nsf and hit Enter key. This command is used to compact the Lotus Notes NSF files. Performing this may recover damaged NSF files.

 4. If corruption in NSF issues still persists then, just write nupdall –r X:/.nsf command and press the Enter key. This command lets users rebuild entire NSF database and hence contribute in corrupt NSF file recovery.


 Manual Method #3 – By Making New Database or Backup Option to Rebuild Corrupt Lotus Notes Mailbox

 In case, the user does not want to go into commands technicalities then they can also try replacing the old, corrupted NSF database with a new one. Also creating the most recent backup of the NSF files will always help users to prevent data loss issues. Files can be restored whenever required. These two solutions also help in rebuilding NSF database.


Corruption in Lotus Notes can be due to various reasons and can result in the appearance of error messages. All these issues annoy users and mar the work continuity. So, we have come up with the most proficient manual, free strategies to repair corrupt Lotus Notes files and data in this article. By these methods, the user can surely recover corrupted Lotus Notes NSF files effectively. All the relevant facts and information have been covered up here regarding how to repair corrupt Lotus Notes Mailbox. There is also automated solution available which immensely help you to repair & recover NSF file easily.