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Peter Baris ~ Modified: 30-11-2022 ~ Lotus Notes ~ 4 Minutes Reading

IBM Notes is one of the leading email application that is used by both small-scale and large-scale organizations for the purpose of business communication and to efficiently manage emails. Across the globe, most of the organizations prefer using webmail for remote email access. Hence, users who are running IBM Notes and Domino server can completely rely on Domino Web Access(DWA), which is also known as iNotes. With the help of iNotes, users can easily access all the Lotus Notes mailbox items from any computer at any location as long as there is internet connectivity. As a result, most of the Lotus Notes user wants to know the exact procedure to access Lotus Notes from web. Taking this factor into consideration, here comes the blog for you where we will let users understand the procedure to access Lotus Notes database from web in a seamless yet in an efficient way.

“In my organization, we are using Lotus Notes application for professional usage. As my job role also wants me to work from out of the office. Now, to access the emails effectively at all time, configuring with iNotes is the best option, which will allow me to access Lotus Notes from web. However, I am not finding any trustworthy solution to process the same. Could someone let me know with the steps to access Lotus Notes database from web successfully? Please suggest!”

Here Comes the Step-by-Step Guide to Access Lotus Notes from Web

In order to access Lotus Notes database in iNotes, the IBM Notes user need to acquire permission from the admin in which the administrator grants the permission to the user to access the same. Following are the steps to access Lotus Notes from web.

Step 1: Domino Admin Need to Make the NSF file Available for Web Browsing

  1. Launch Domino Server and navigate to Files>> select File>> Application>> New
  2. Now, choose the server as Domino Server and specify the name as domcfg
  3. Then, go to Specify Template for new application server and choose your Domino Server and click Show Advanced Templates to access Lotus Notes from web
  4. After that, choose Domino Web Server Configuration as template and hit the OK button
  5. After which, the domcfg sign-in form mappings will appear on the next window
  6. Now, click Add Mapping, choose the target database as iwaredir.nsf, target form as dwaLoginForm and save the changes

Step 2: Create IWAREDIR to Open NSF File on Web

  1. Initially, go to Files>> Application>> select Domino Server and name it as iwaredir
  2. Now, make sure to mention the template for the new application and hit Show Advance Templates to access IBM Lotus Notes from web
  3. From the template, choose IBM Lotus Notes Redirect and click OK
  4. After which, iNotes Redirect will appear where users can customize as per the requirement and later exit the window

Step 3: Redirect IWAREDIR.NSF to the Default Web Browser

  1. Firstly, go to Domino Administrator Configuration>> Follow Path Server Document>> Current Server Document>> Internet Protocol>> HTTP
  2. Now, choose Mapping and type the URL of the NSF file
  3. Then, navigate to Domino Web Engine tab, under Session Authentication, select single server and hit the Save button

Step 4: Access Lotus Notes From Web Browser

  1. As soon as the Domino Administrator has granted the permission to the user to access the Lotus Notes file on the web. Now, a user can simply check the emails via iNotes
  2. Launch the Web-browser and type the URL of the mail file i.e., in the address bar
  3. After that, enter the credentials of the IBM Notes application and hit Login to open the Lotus Notes account
  4. By this, a user can flawlessly access Lotus Notes from web browser
Final Words

By reading this blog, now it’s no more a complex task to access Lotus Notes from web. With the increasing demand of Lotus Notes application just because of its powerful data management and security option. Often times, it becomes a challenge to access the IBM Notes data via the web browser. This blog clearly states the steps to swiftly open Lotus Notes database in a web browser without any hindrances.