PST File Access Denied in Outlook – Do not have the Permission Required

admin ~ Modified: 02-12-2022 ~ Microsoft Outlook ~ 3 Minutes Reading

Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular desktop based email platform because of its simple graphical user interface and enhanced secure mechanism to send and receive emails. Outlook is also used as personal information manager. Outlook stores its email data in Personal Storage File or PST file. Outlook PST file is more vulnerable to corruption. Therefore sometimes the smooth working of Outlook get interrupted because of well-known error “ PST File Access Denied Outlook 2016”. You do not have the permission required to access the file C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Outlook Files\xyz.pst.”.

Causes of PST File Access Denied in Outlook

There are many reasons behind the file access denied

1. Limited Permission, Read Only Option Enable

2. The Operating System get upgraded to Windows 10

3. You have logged into Windows with Microsoft Account due to which PST file permission Changed

Quick Solution to Resolve File Access Denied in Outlook

File Access Denied in Outlook can quickly fix by changing PST file permission. The Complete Steps are given below:-

  • Right Click on Start button and then Select the File Explorer Option


  • Then after navigating to the location of pst file that shown pst file access denied error i.e. C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Outlook Files\xyz.pst.”
  • Right Click on selected PST file and go to properties
  • In Properties tab, go to the Security tab


  • In Properties tab, go to the Security tab


  • Then After clicking on Edit button


  • Select your account and allows full permission


  • Click on OK button to close all the opening windows


  • Repeat all the above steps to have full permission on administer and system also


  • Now Start Outlook Application


After the completion of above procedure, you will able to access the PST file again in Outlook. But if the problem further persists then there might be the possibility that PST file gets corrupt. To repair the corrupt pst file you can use inbuilt Inbox Repair utility provided by Microsoft Outlook. The inbox repair tool can only be useful in case when the level of corruption is minor but high corruption level inbox repair tool fails to repair the corrupt pst file. Then in such situations, you can use third party software like Outlook Recovery tool to repair and recover the corrupt pst file. It supports PST file of Outlook 2016 & below versions