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Sometimes, due to some technical errors, Verizon Mail users become unable to get access to Verizon Email. Then issue arises that how to access Verizon Email in Mac. Thus, we do consider this issue seriously and that’s why brought you the simplest and assured solution to deal with it.

In this blog, we will suggest and demonstrate simplest manual as well as professional solutions to fix the problem on how to access verizon.net email on Mac.

Manual Solution to Get Access to Verizon Email in Mac

If you are not getting access on Verizon cloud in Mac, then you just need to follow these steps to manually access Verizon emails on Mac system.

  1. First of all, you need to navigate the Application folder on Mac OS and then open Mail.
  2. Go to the File menu, and click to Add Account.
  3. Then a General Information Window will appear. Select IMAP option as the account type.
  4.  Then, click on Continue button.
  5. Now, type any chosen title in Account Description space,.
  6. Then, add AOL email Id in the provided space as – Jonathan@aol.com
  7. When, Incoming Mail Server prompt appears, add imap.aol.com to it.
  8. Now, enter AOL username and password in specified space.
  9. Add smtp.aol.com for the outgoing mail server.
  10. Now, assure that you have correctly entered required details and mark checkbox denoting Use Authentication.
  11.  Then, click on Continue to proceed further.
  12. Finally, add the username and password again, and click on Continue.

Just in case, even after executing the above-mentioned technical method steps do not let you get access to Verizon Email in Mac. Thereafter, you should move to the next worthwhile method to handle the issue on how to access Verizon Email in Mac.

Give a look at what the user has to say about the problem regarding Verizon email on Mac not working.

User’s Problem – Hi, my name is Anthony. I use the @verizon.net mail account on my Mac System on daily basis for my everyday email communication. Though it was performing very well, I had no issue till now. But the issue arises when I tried to add another Verizon account, and error message float on my screen saying couldn’t get access to Verizon email in Mac. I tried to add the account manually and IMAP is failing in each selection. Please suggest me any assured solution that can work for me to access Verizon cloud on Mac. Any help will be admired”

Assured Solution to Access Verizon.net Email on Mac

This query clearly shows that a manual solution is not always the sure-shot solution as it depends on the level of a technical error in the background. But we have a proficient solution to access Verizon email in Mac. AOL Backup Tool is the self-explained and simplest method that gives you results in the shortest span of time. Here are the step by step pictorial demonstrations to fix this issue. Give a look.

Legitimate Solution to Fix How to Access Verizon Email in Mac

We will show you step by step demonstration of re-adding the Verizon Email to Mac in an effortless manner. The process is divided into sections. Perform both sections for establishing the connection of Verizon Mail to Mac. Let’s dig in:

#SECTION I: Export Verizon mail to Mac OS

Step 1: Download and launch the assured solution on your machine.

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Step 2. Login to AOL account using AOL Mail credentials i.e. username and password.


Step 3: Choose desired Email format, then Browse destination location.


Step 4. Now click on Start Backup button to begin the process.

process start

After the execution of stage 1, you would get resultant files in MBOX format saved at the provided destination location. After that, follow the below mentioned stage 2 in order to re-addition of Verizon to Mac Email Account.

#SECTION 2: Now, Know How to Access Verizon Email in Mac

1. Open Mac Mail and then go to File > Import Mailbox

2. By using the pop up Import Wizard, select the MBOX files, and click on Continue.

3. Now, select the file which was formed in step 1 and hit the Choose button.

4. As click the Choose option, a new prompt will appear indicating path location of the selected data file.

5. Click on Done to finalize the process to access Verizon cloud on Mac machine.


Verizon users sometimes go through issues like how to access Verizon email in Mac. The reason behind it is the authority issues and technical errors that cause Verizon email on Mac not working. The manual method to access verizon.net email on Mac is not a sure shot solution because chances are very less of a successful login. To deal with this issue it is proposed to go for a legit AOL Backup Software solution that will make sure the authorization of user login.