Want to Convert Outlook for Mac Emails to PDF With Attachments? Explore Here

Peter Baris | February 28th, 2019 | Mac Outlook
I’ve installed MS Outlook application, which is working on the Mac Operating system. As of now, I am working as a freelancer and there are numerous crucial emails that need to be saved to PDF format. Doing this will allow me to prevent my sensitive emails from getting misused from an illegitimate user. However, now I am undergoing a troublesome time as I am not finding any suitable approach to Convert Outlook for Mac Emails to PDF. Could someone help me know the precise procedure to implement my need? Looking forward for a quick response.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the leading and feature-rich email application that is extensively used for both personal and business level usage. The Outlook application, which is configured in Mac OS stores all the email messages, contacts, journals, calendars and other data items in OLM file format. Now, there can be several important emails that are stored in the Mac OLM file. In order to protect the Mac Outlook emails, one can save the files in PDF format, which is ultimately the best option. If you are Mac Outlook user who is looking out for a reliable solution to convert Outlook for Mac emails to PDF with attachments. Then, here comes the blog for you where we will convert Mac Outlook email to PDF using the result-oriented approach.

What are the Possible Reasons to Export Mac Outlook Emails as PDF?

  1. PDF file allows to maintain the formatting of the document, thereby helps to preserve the layout of the file
  2. It is one of the trustworthy formats that is used exclusively to save the legal document to prevent extracting the crucial data by any unauthorised means
  3. It renders document-level security wherein a user can restrict the file from getting edited, copied and so on
  4. One can easily open the PDF file in any Operating system, which means it is completely a platform-independent file format
  5. The restricted PDF file can be conveniently shared among each other without worrying about data breach issues

Any Reliable Method to Convert Outlook For Mac Emails to PDF With Attachments?

Well, to be honest, there is no such manual method available to convert Mac Outlook email to PDF. Because of which, the smart option is to avail some reliable third-party tool to successfully save the Mac Outlook emails as PDF. Now, the user faces a tough time in finding the appropriate tool that is efficient enough to convert Outlook for Mac emails to PDF with attachments. In order to make the searching process simpler to the user, we have come up with a versatile tool i.e., Mac OLM to PST Converter. This tool provides the functionality to export OLM emails, contacts, calendars to portable PDF format.

It also renders advanced features to set naming patterns, export selective data via date-filter option. One can also specify the page layout of the PDF file on the basis of applying different customized settings like margin, page orientation and page size. It also provides the option to add bates number and date stamp to the PDF file, which can be availed from the advanced settings option. The best part of the tool is that one can easily launch this software on all the latest versions of Mac Operating system.

How Does the Tool Work to Save Mac Outlook Email to PDF?

  1. Install and launch the software on the Mac machine and add the OLM file on the tool’s dashboard by clicking the Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) option convert outlook for mac emails to pdf
  2. The software allows to save either all the folders or selected folder to PDF and select the Export type as PDF format to convert Mac Outlook email to PDF
  3. Under the Advance Settings option, one can apply Date Filter to export the emails by specifying the date range on the given fields 
  4. In addition to that, it let users to export the required data items by selecting the Categories
  5. In the Page Layout settings, one can specify the margin, page orientation and page size to the resultant PDF file while converting Mac Outlook email to PDF  
  6. Under Bates Number tab, it permits users to specify different settings like Start Number, Position, Increment by. In addition to that, one can also apply Date Stamp by specifying the Position and Format required in the PDF file 
  7. After that, provide the destination location to save the resultant PDF file 
  8. Once all the required settings are applied to convert Mac Outlook email to PDF, click the Export button to begin exporting the Outlook for Mac emails to PDF with attachments
  9. Upon successful completion of the export process, the converted PDF file will be saved at the desired locationolm to pdf

Finally, the task is successfully completed to convert Mac Outlook email to PDF with attachments!

Bringing It Altogether

Often times, Mac Outlook users come up with the need to convert Outlook for Mac emails to PDF with attachments. In this blog, we have clearly mentioned about the procedure to export Mac Outlook email to PDF. As we are now aware of the fact that there is no manual solution to process this need. Hence, it is always recommended to make use of some reliable third-party tool like Mac OLM Converter. With the help of this tool, one can efficiently convert the Mac OLM emails to PDF format in a hassle-free way.