Google Drive Slides to OneDrive for Business Migration

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Finding it difficult to migrate Google Drive slides to OneDrive for business? Don’t worry, we have keep you covered. This blog describes a complete solution that can be used to save Google Slides to OneDrive account. We have provided an automated solution that can be recklessly used. But before jumping onto that, first let us encounter a user-query who is looking for a solution to save Google Drive slides to OneDrive account.

I have just joined an organisation and I have to create a backup of all the Google Drive slides (there are plenty of them) that I have made to OneDrive account. I am not among the tech geeks and have a very little technical knowledge. So, please find me a way on which I can completely rely.

Manual Solution? Not a Great Idea!

The same can be achieved by using a manual solution. But, these solutions have the limitations that can’t be overlooked. A novice user will find it difficult to perform the procedure to save Google Drive slides to OneDrive for business. It will also consume a lot of time and still, will not provide the guaranteed results. Data loss can be the key factor for not opting the free solution. This can occur due to the any of the reasons like power outage, lower bandwidth connection, etc.

Don’t worry! After encountering all the nuisances offered by the manual solution to Save Google Slides to OneDrive. Here, we have provided a guaranteed solution that can be used without having another thought.

Features to Save Google Drive Slides to OneDrive

Google Drive to OneDrive Migrator Tool is developed by keeping all the needs of our users in mind. This application offers greatest of the features. Besides this, a self-explanatory interface has been provided with a help section. This help section provides all the details about the various migration modes. Features other than this are mentioned in the upcoming section of the blog.

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1. Bulk Google Drive Slides Migration

To save Google slides to OneDrive in bulk, users can opt this tool. It will not only migrate your G Drive data to OneDrive account, but it also ensures that there will be no data loss or manipulation. Users can recklessly choose this method to save slides from Google Drive account to OneDrive account.

2. Delta and Concurrent Migration

Delta migration can be used to migrate the appended Google Drive files to Microsoft OneDrive account. This will only migrate the newly arrived data to OneDrive account. Concurrent migration will let the users to migrate multiple G Drive account data.

3. Selective Migration Option

By using this option, users can perform range based or selective migration. In order to do so, just provide the dates in “From Date” to “To Date”. The tool guarantees that no data will be altered.

4. Re-Run Migration Option

This option will let you perform the whole migration process again to save Google Drive slides to OneDrive for business. It will migrate the skipped data items, if any, without data duplicacy.

5. Preserved Folder Structure

This tool ensures that a well maintained folder structure will be seen even after the completion of the migration process. The folder hierarchy will remain untouched or unchanged.

Steps to Save Google Slides to OneDrive

Initiate by activating the software on either Windows or Linux OS. The activation code will be provided on the registered email ID.

  • After the activation of the software, select the Source and Destination platforms from the Setup screen, In this case, it would be G Suite and Office 365.

  • Next, select your Workload category from the same screen. Use date-based filter (if required) for selective or range based migration.

workload category

  • After this, on the Source screen, provide the Admin details for G Suite. Once the details are successfully added, validate them to proceed onto the Destination screen.


  • On the Destination screen, provide the Admin details for Office 365. Likewise, after adding the Admin Office 365 details, Validate them.


  • Next step is to go to the Users screen. Here, add the source account users that are to be migrated.

users screen

  • Lastly, click on Start Migration button to migrate Google Drive Slides to OneDrive for business.

start migration

The Concluding Statement

The blog written above provides a complete solution to save Google slides to OneDrive account. Manual method can be opted by the users, if they are having less amount of Google Drive data that has to be migrated. Otherwise, the automated solution will remain a wise choice for Google Drive Slides to OneDrive for Business migration.