How to Troubleshoot File Does Not Exist Error in Lotus Notes?

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Lotus Notes is one of the widely used email clients among the business. The functions and security features offered by IBM Notes is really outstanding. If it provides a high level of security, then it does not mean it is free from all type of errors. In many situations, because of some random causes, one needs to face some critical situation. One such common error encountered by notes users is File Does Not Exist Error in Lotus Notes error message.

Whenever Lotus Notes users come across this error, it becomes very difficult for the data items stored in ‘xxx.nsf’ file. And, it results in complete data isolation, which is stored in Lotus Notes mailbox. Thus, in this blog, we have discussed all possible reasons and their respective solutions to troubleshoot file does not exist error in Lotus Notes.

file does not exist error in lotus notes

Possible Reasons Behind File Does Not Exist Error in Lotus Notes

There can be several reasons behind this Lotus Notes error and major ones are discussed below:

  • A user might be working on unreliable or lost network connection
  • A user is trying to open the file, which does not exist any longer. Or, it is saved in some removable device, which is not attached to the local machine.
  • A user is trying to access the attachment or file, which is not available in the directory

Common Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Lotus Notes File Does not Exists Error

Here are some common ways using which one can easily resolve all possible errors of Lotus Notes.

  • The first thing that you can do is check internet connections and all adapters very carefully. After that, try to open the emails in Lotus Notes.
  • Remove all external drives or storage devices, if there any, and then click on the email message to open it.
  • You must be aware of the location of the directory where your file is kept. Verify it again to make sure that selected directory location is accurate.
  • Make sure that some of the key files such as names.nsf, cache.ndk, desktop.ndk, and bookmark.nsf exist in Notes\Data directory. However, if these files are not there, then .ntf equivalent files must be present in the Notes\Data directory.

notes error file does not exist (calendarprofile)

“File Does Not Exist” Error While Archiving Emails

Many times Lotus Notes users to archive emails to transfer their old emails. But in some cases, they receive an error stating “File does not exist error in lotus notes” and ends the process there only.

Reason: The main reason behind this error is that archived NSF file is either renamed or deleted from the Notes directory.

Solution: Navigate to File >> Database >> Properties >> Archive Settings option. Then, check whether the archive file is missing or renamed. If it is deleted, creates a new NSF file or rename it with the same name on the same location.

File xxx.nsf file does not exist” Error During Notes Launch After an Update

Whenever one switches to a new version via different account, it might display xxx.nsf file does not exist error. It is also one of the major reasons behind this error, which needs to be overcome.

Solution: To fix nsf file not found lotus notes error, one is advised to install the latest version via same user account through which previous version was installed. And, when the installation is completed, simply restart Lotus Notes application. This will prevent this error message to encounter again.

Error While Accessing Email in Local Replica

If a user is accessing local replica to open particular emails, then she or he may receive an error message i.e.

Lotus Notes Error: File does not exist (Calendar_Profile)

Reason: Accessing a local replica on the place of server copy can give rise to notes error file does not exist (calendarprofile). Another possible reason is accidental deletion of temporary files of Notes (.DTF).

Solutions: Follow the actions discussed below to fix file does not exist error in lotus notes:

  • Open the mail in server copy instead of local replica to see the effects
  • Launch the IBM Notes application again and solve the issue
  • Configure the anti-virus program excluding DTF files in order to fix the issue

Get Moved to Latest and Simple Email Client i.e Outlook

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This blog discussed all possible solutions to troubleshoot file does not exist error in Lotus Notes. But as it is very much clear that Lotus Notes is not much user-friendly compared to Outlook. The interface of the Microsoft Outlook is very easy to understand, so it will be beneficial to switch from Lotus Notes. Now, to perform this migration successfully, one can use one of the best tool mentioned above.