Want to Convert Outlook Email to PDF with Attachments? Explore Here

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In this technical guide, we will discuss how to convert Outlook Email to PDF with Attachments. As we all know, several users are still struggling with an easy way to convert their Outlook emails into PDF format along with Attachments. But, no need to worry! This post guides you through all the possible methods that help you to export single or multiple Outlook Emails to PDF format.

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Before moving toward the solution, we will look at some users’ queries. And understand what actual users are facing.

User Query!

“Hi, I am searching for a way to convert Outlook email to PDF for my project. As I already know that this can be installed with both Adobe reader and MS Outlook on my system. But, I have some issues, my Outlook 2016 is not working and I don’t have much time. So, please someone guide me with an easy method to solve my issues.”

After knowing about the users’ problems, let us take a look at some common reasons behind converting Outlook email into PDF with an Attachment.

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Unavoidable Reasons to Export Outlook Email to PDF

  • PDF file allows for the maintenance of the formatting of the document, thereby helping to preserve the layout of the file.
  • It is one of the trustworthy formats that is used exclusively to save the legal document to prevent extracting crucial data by any unauthorized means.
  • It renders document-level security wherein a user can restrict the file from getting edited, copied, and so on.
  • One can easily open the PDF file in any Operating system, which means it is completely a platform-independent file format.
  • The restricted PDF file can be conveniently shared with each other without worrying about data breach issues.

Now, this article suggests a manual method and an automatic solution. So, read the post carefully and find a resultant answer using these two methods.

How to Convert Outlook Email to PDF Format Manually?

If you are finding the manual method to export Outlook emails into Adobe PDF with Attachments. This method doesn’t support bulk email conversion and attachments at the same time. But, for you, we have below explained the solution to perform it manually for the same.

Follow the below steps carefully:-

  • Firstly, Open MS Outlook Application.
  • Select Emails that you want to export as a PDF
  • Go to the File Menu and Select the Print option
  • Now, choose the Microsoft Print to PDF option
  • Click Print to proceed with it
  • Select PDF from the to save as a type drop-down menu and hit the Save button.

Note:- I wish after performing the manual method you get your answer why it is difficult for non-technical users. And, create some challenges for new beginners as well. But, don’t worry! We have suggested another solution which is recommended by experts. Let’s begin with the same!

Professional Way to Export Outlook Emails to Adobe PDF with Attachments

Grab the Revove PST Converter Software to convert multiple Emails from Outlook to PDF files on Windows OS. This tool helps you to export bulk MS Outlook emails into Adobe PDF format with Attachments without losing any data. You just need to download the tool and below are some steps that help you to make your conversion process easy for Windows OS.

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1. Download and run the Revove PST Converter Tool


2. Select the PST File by clicking on the “Add File” button

add file to convert outlook email to pdf with attachments

3. Now, choose to Select File or Search File button to add PST files

select file or search file

4. Select the PDF radio button to export the PST files into PDF format

pdf radio button outlook email to pdf

5. After that, Select the desired location and click on the “Export” button to start the processing

export button

6. Hit on “OK” to process the export report.

export outlook email to pdf with attachments

Note: After using the Windows OS steps and Now you are looking for Mac OS then follow the steps to convert Outlook email to PDF with Attachments.

Want to Convert Outlook Email to PDF on Mac OS

To convert Mac Outlook Emails to PDF in bulk, here we have an advanced Mac OLM Converter Tool. Using this software you can easily export multiple Outlook 2016 OLM files into different file formats with PDF. It is also designed to help users to overcome the problems they face after using manual solutions. Click to Download Mac OS tool.

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Follow the Steps to Convert your Outlook Emails into Adobe PDF on Mac OS:

1. Launch and run Mac OLM Converter Tool on your Mac OS.

run the tool

2. Select “Folder” or “File” mode and Browse the .olm file using the software panel.

add file or folders

3. Choose the desired file format from the default option i.e., PST, EML MSG, MBOX, HTML, VCF, CSV & ICS.

desired location to convert outlook emails to pdf

4. Now, browse the path to save the resultant file and finally hit on the “Export” button.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to convert an Outlook Email to a PDF file?
Yes, there are multiple methods to convert Outlook Email into PDF format, using the inbuilt Outlook “Print” option or automatic converter tool.

How Can I Convert Batch Emails into Adobe PDF at once?
You need to use third-party tools that allow you to convert bulk Outlook Emails to PDFs with attachments at once, saving users time & effort.

Can I Export Outlook Emails as a PDF on a Mac system?
Yes, Outlook Mac also has a “Print” option, which makes it easy to turn an email into PDFs on Mac PC.

Observational Verdict

In the above guide, We have discussed how to convert Outlook Email to PDF with Attachments. This post is created for both technical and non-technical users; they can easily export multiple Outlook emails into PDF format. Here, you also get two methods which are manual methods and professional solutions. These two ways help you to make your conversion process easy & simple but, you have to face some challenges with the manual method. For more details read the post or contact our technical team!