How to Import PST into Mac Outlook?

Import Outlook PST Files in Mac Outlook

Do you ever thought to import Outlook PST File in Mac Outlook? If not yet, Then I am going to tell you the simple manual method to transfer Outlook emails to Mac Outlook. For the knowledge base, you have to well informed about the File formats used by Outlook on different Operating System. Lets me to clarify it for you.

The Windows Outlook creates PST File(Personal Storage File) to store emails, calendars, tasks and journals. It uses C:\Users\AppData\Local\MicrosoftOutlook directory to save PST file on Windows Operating system. While on the other Mac Outlook creates OLM file to store emails, calendars, tasks and journals.

The some functionalities of Outlook is same on the both the platforms such as Import/Export Wizard which is mainly used to import the data from outside and export data into Mac Outlook.

Lets Start With the Process to Import PST in Mac Outlook 2011

  • Launch the Mac Outlook Application on Macintosh Operating System
  • Click on the File button located in the navigation bar.

  • Click on Import option in the file menu

  • Choose the Outlook Data File by selecting Radio button against it.

  • Select the PST file that you want to import from local directory and also define the location to save the pst file. At, last click on Import button to begins the process.

  • After the completion of import pst into mac Outlook process, you are able to view the see the Outlook PST file on Mac.

Procedure to Import Outlook Emails to Mac Outlook Via IMAP Connection

Lets gets some brief info about IMAP protocol. IMAP is the standard Internet Mail Access Protocol used by the email client to retrieve data from the mail server over the TCP/IP connection. It is the one of the fastest method to synchronize the system from the server. We are using the same methodology to have access of pst file in Outlook

Quick Steps to Import Outlook Data to Mac Outlook

  • First of all you have to do make the connection with the mail server (like Gmail) using the IMAP protocol instead of POP3. When you make this then the complete PST data transfer from local system on the server. In this way, you have stored the data of Outlook on the server.
  • Then Second thing you have to do is to use the same email address which you have previously used in the step 1 to configure a new account in Outlook for Mac 2011 following the IMAP protocol. It will automatically syncs data from the server to the local machine in OLM file format.

Merits and Demerits of Both Solution to Import PST in mac Outlook

There is always the good or bad, advantage or disadvantage of any methods associated with any technology not specific to particular email technology. In the same way the above-mentioned methods have their own pros and cons. It can’t be used for every case. The import of Mac Outlook Works only with the healthy pst file. It does not recognized the corrupt or damaged pst file. You have to make sure that pst file is free from any error. Import Outlook PST in Mac Outlook via the IMAP protocol is the good thought but it does not considers the other items of Outlook PST file such as calendars, tasks etc.


There is always the possibility of getting error when try to import PST in Mac Outlook such as Outlook has encountered the problem & need to Close. For such type of errors you have to make sure that your Mac Outlook is updated. Apart from this if the pst file not in healthy state then you can use PST Repair tool to easily repair unhealthy pst file. After using this software you are able to import Outlook PST in Mac Outlook.