VCF File Not Opening In iPhone- [Solved]

admin | March 5th, 2021 | VCF File

Summary: If you are facing problem “VCF file is not opening in iPhone” then you don’t need to bother anymore. In this post, here we are going to discuss the reasons that users cannot open VCF contacts files into iPhone.

“For the past few days, I transferred some of my important contacts from the iPhone. Now, I cannot open some contacts to work with a colleague in my office. So now I am looking for a way to view VCF files on Android iPhones. Can you suggest me a quick and easy way.”

Possible Reasons Behind VCF File Not Opening In iPhone Error

There are two reasons that can cause this problem.

  • The first is that the version of the VCF file has not been updated. Currently, iCloud only supports vCard VCF versions 3.0 and 4.0.
  • The second reason may be due to the lack of “FN” and “N” characteristics.

Manual Ways To Fix VCF Contacts File Not Opening into iPhone Error 

  • First, log into your Google Gmail mailbox >> choose the category of contacts >> Hit on More >> Select Import option.
Google Gmail mailbox
  • Browse VCF file from your Machine >> Click the Import button
Browse VCF file
  • Next, Launch Apple’s iTunes >> Select the Info button >> click the Sync Contacts check box >> choose Google Contacts from the drop-down list >> click on the Apply Tab.

Disadvantages OF The Manual Method

The manual method is a free solution, but has several limitations, such as:

  • It is clear from above that this is a long and complicated process.
  • Any misunderstanding in any step can cause data loss
  • Technical knowledge is required to understand the process

Instant Solution To Resolve VCF Contacts File Not Opening in iPhone Issue

Manual focus is not a reliable solution. In general, experts are not satisfied with the results of manual techniques. Therefore, we recommend alternative solutions such as using VCF Converter Tool. According to experts, this is a smart solution to convert VCF files to CSV. It is a complete solution that allows users to easily import multiple VCF files into CSV. It is completely safe to use without sacrificing data quality. It provides a simple user interface that novice users can use without external help. This tool is compatible with Windows 10 and all other versions. The software is completely safe to download and run.

To do this process, you must first convert VCF contact file to CSV and then import the CSV file into your iPhone.

1 : Convert VCF File to CSV Format:

Install and Run VCF File to CSV Converter Tool

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  • Choses on Add File or Add Folder
  • Choses on Add File or Add Folder
    • Select the CSV file and click on the “Browse” Tab
    Select the CSV file
    • Click CSV Format from Export Options

    2: Import CSV Contact File to iPhone:

    Log in your iCloud Account
    • Select “Contacts” on the home screen to check the contacts.
    Select “Contacts”
    • To select ‘Import contacts’, go to a settings icon at the bottom left so that you can choose the CSV file you want to import or open to iPhone.


    In this write up we have discusses a way to resolve VCF File Not Opening in iPhone error. Here we have mentioned the manual and complete instructions for the workaround. Users can try all methods and find out who has worked to fix the VCF contact file not opening on the iPhone. For faster and confirmed solution, you can use automated solutions.