Transfer Data from Google Drive to Google Drive: Easiest Solution

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By following today’s trend, every user has Google account. It is because, Google Drive has made our life easier. Most clients prefer Drive to other file cloud storage systems. For a number of reasons, Google Drive is fast, simple, and secure.

The only problem that users are facing is limited free storage space. Google offers 15 GB free storage space which is divided amongst Gmail, Photos, and Drive. This makes users to find methods to transfer data from Google Drive to Google Drive. So, in the upcoming sections of the blog, we will provide you with the best solution to transfer files from Google Drive account to another.

For your ease: If you are a novice and in midstream then, grab Google Drive Migrator to transfer data from Google Drive to Google Drive.

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I have encountered a query on some forum posting site which was as follows:

User Scenario: Hello,
Is there a recommended best practice for transferring files from Google Drive to Google Drive account? We have a significant amount of files in Google which we would like to move into our secondary G Drive account ASAP.

Transfer Data from Google Drive to Google Drive: Automated Solution

One of the best solution offered in the online market is Google Drive Migrator. This tool is equipped with several advanced features which makes it the best choice among the users. It render ease, simplicity while transferring files from Google Drive account to another. It has an incredibly simple and interactive interface. Apart from it, this application comes with a demo version which will eventually help you to get a better understanding of the tool.

Furthermore, a few of the impeccable features are listed below. Just have a look.

Advanced Functionality Offered by the Utility

Although this tool has so many features but just a few are listed in the section below:
1. Incremental Migration: It helps to transfer the newly arrived data between the same Drives.
2. Stop Migration: In this, the on-going process can be stopped and resumed later at any time.
3. Shared with me Folder: Any folder which is shared in the account can also be transferred using this tool.
4. Perform Migration Again: By using this feature, users can perform the whole migration process again in 3 ways: Retry failed data items, re-execute full migration, and delta migration.
5. Priority based Migration: Users can be selected on the basis of their priority. By doing so, their data will be transferred first.

Working Steps of the Utility

This application has a very simple steps for transfer files between Google Drive to Google Drive. Follow the steps sequentially:

Step 1: Download, install, and run the Google Drive Migrator

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 2: Select the platforms in which you want to transfer the data. In this case, it would be G Suite as Source and G Suite as the Destination as well.

Google Drive Migration
3: After selecting the platforms, select Document from the Workload Selection Category.

Select Documents
 4: Once selecting the category, enter the details for G Suite as Source and validate the added details.

Source paltform
 5: Furthermore, in the destination screen, add the details carefully and validate them as well.

destination platform
Step 6: Add users into the software and validate the resources.

select users
Step 7: At last, click on the Start Migration button to transfer data from Google Drive to Google Drive.

start migration

Transfer Files from one Google Drive to Google Drive – Manually

There are several methods using which you can manually transfer Google Drive files to another Google Drive account. Google Takeout and sharing method provided by Google can be used to transfer files between the two domains. But, these methods doesn’t ensure data security and integrity. Apart from this, it doesn’t even guarantee 100% results. Any sort of interruptions like low bandwidth, power outage, etc. can result in data loss. And, the data which is lost once cannot be recovered later.

Concluding Statement

Selecting method to transfer data from Google Drive to Google Drive should entirely depend up on the users’ choice. But, this should be done wisely as there are repercussions to the manual method. If you want to transfer files from one Google Drive account to another with ease, then give third-party tool a try!