How to Print Secured & Lock PDF File When Printing is not Allowed

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Portable Document Format (PDF) file format is widely used for presenting and exchanging documents. Many times, a situation comes when we are unable to print PDF files because it is password protected or restricted i.e. owner locked. Due to these restrictions, PDF printing permissions are shown as not allowed in the document restriction summary of Adobe Acrobat. Thus, all those users who want to find a reliable solution for the query i.e. How to Print Secured & Lock PDF File?  continue reading this blog. Here, we have discussed the manual as well as an automated solution to carry out the process.

Now the picture must be clear to you that for having the pdf file to be printed the user has to remove the permission password which is set for providing limited access for a file. Although, there are the number of third party tools which do the same for us but, several limitations are associated with those. Here is a solution that users can rely on i.e., PDF Security Remover Software. It is the best solution to unsecure files and to change permissions from PDF File Print Not Allowed to Allowed. Also, both user-locked, as well as owner-locked PDF files, can be unlocked by the software. Let’s see through user’s perspective.

Users’ Predicament

“I am a college student and worked on a project in a group of four. And, as soon as we finished our project, one of our partners converted that into PDF format. After that, he assigned some passwords so that anyone, other than our group member, could not get access to print service. Now the problem is that he is not able to recall the password. As the submission date is approaching, and we need to submit a hard copy of our project. Kindly suggest how to print pdf file that is protected.”

From this query, it becomes very clear that, how important it is to have a solution which could eliminate password from PDF file. For a better understanding, let’s start with the description of the manual approach to be followed when Adobe pdf file does not print.

Print Secured & Lock PDF File? Use Manual Solution

If the user’s concern is to remove known password from a file which is user locked then, this solution is quite applicable. If the password is known to a user then the file can be unlocked for printing. But, on the other hand for removing permission password it is also necessary that the permission password must be known. If in case, this password is not known then they are not able to print secured PDF file.
But, if the password is known and needs to be removed then, follow these steps:

1. Tap on the lock icon appearing on the left side of the window and go to “Permission Details”.
2. Now, choose Properties from the file then after select “Security” tab.
3. Here Select “No Security” from “Security Method” box, then click on “OK” to eliminate the password.

NOTE: Adobe Acrobat Pro will work even if the PDF has printing restrictions. But, to change the permissions of PDF file print not allowed to allowed the user should know the password.

Limitations Of Manual Solution

1. Passwords from the PDFs which are owner locked can be removed only if the permission password is provided.
2. If the user has forgotten the permission password then it won’t work i.e. users are not able to print secured PDF file
3. It’s an expensive technology for removing passwords and enabling PDF file printing.

Best Solution for Print Secured & Lock PDF File

This tool has many advanced features which help in eliminating password from a protected PDF at both the levels i.e. user-protected or owner-protected. This is an exemplary utility by which, user can unprotect his file even without providing permission password. It is reliable & trustworthy application that can be used to remove passwords and restrictions from secured PDF files. Restrictions like: Editing, Printing, Signing, Copying, etc can be removed. Also, it is a perfect solution for all those users who are not able to print secured & lock PDF file. After removing the PDF file security the file can be printed, copied, edited, etc.

NOTE: It’s well-suited with all the versions of the Windows OS. Its functionality works for both of the platforms Windows as well as Mac.

Other than changing the permissions of PDF file Print Not Allowed to Allowed follow these steps:

1. It has the functionality of removing passwords from several files in one go.
2. Makes PDF restrictions removal process easy.
3. Eliminate Owner as well as user Level Passwords in few clicks.
4. Keeps data safe and secure without any loss.
5. The user-friendly interface makes this software easy to implement.
6. Its preview facility shows the status of the associated permissions.
7. File integrity will also be retained even after eliminating the password.
8. Location for storing the new unprotected file could be decided by the user.


In this blog, we have described two approaches, manual as well as automated for overcoming the problem “Why pdf file print not allowed”. Though both of the methods are user-friendly, yet manual methods have limitation. Here we elaborated an automated solution, SysTools PDF Unlocker, which is efficient enough to overcome all the restrictions that the user faces in the implementation of manual solutions. This software is a perfect solution for all those users who are not able to print secured & lock PDF file.