Top Free Methods to Add Bates Numbering To Legal Documents

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Summary: In this article we will discuss the top methods to add bates number to any PDF documents. What are the reasons, that it is used by lawyers, attorneys etc. What are the features which makes it suitable for documentation of information in large law firms. So keep reading this post to know the secrets to add bates numbering to legal documents.

Quick Overview of Bates Numbering Technicalities

Bates numbering is the procedure or method majorly used for indexing of legal documents and assigning a series of self-incrementing numbers. It can also appears as the footer or the header on specific pages. The bates numbering also include the addition of prefix or suffix. The main motive behind the bates numbering is the easy identification or retrieval of selective information from the large husk of information. The bates numbering is similar to the indexing or page numbering of books or novels.

Reasons For Adaptation of Bates Numbering to Legal Documentation

Bates numbering is the ancient methodology used to label & identify legal documents. Previously it is done manually but with passage of time, it is overtaken by electronic numbering. During the discovery phase of the litigation, more number of documents require the use of the unique identifiers for each page of the each important document for quick retrieval and reference.

Top Reasons For the Selection of PDF as Legal Documentation

With the addition of digital signature increases the security of the PDF documents which facilitates the professional to edit, share, collaborate with genuine person without any network alteration.

  1.  Portable Document Format: The PDF file is the universally accepted file formats. It can be easily access on any device such as Mac, Windows, Linux with any alteration in the formatting or data mismatch.
  2. Enhance Security: It is one of the most suitable documents type and preferred by legal professionals. This is because only such documents is admissible in a court of law which cannot be easily altered or if altered forcefully then there must be some legal footprints to verify the same.
  3. Compressibility: whenever the professionals needed to present the case file in the court of law then use PDF format for same. As it provides compressibility with compromising with the digital quality of the documents.
  4. Password Protection: Most of the legal firms deals with the sensitive and confidential documents of an individual or government organizations. This type of documents required the high level of security. The password protection feature of the PDF documents makes it the perfect choice.

How to Add Bates Numbering to Legal Documents?

There are two different methods are available to add bates numbering to legal documents

  1. Adobe Acrobat Pro
  2. PDF Bates Numberer

These are the two methods are available from different proprietor. Let’s discuss each of them one by one.

Tips to Add Bates Numbering to Legal Documents With Adobe Acrobat

With the free version of Adobe Acrobat reader, you are only allowed to read PDF files. All other feature remains absent. You need to subscribe or upgrade to the Pro version of the adobe acrobat. With the Pro version of adobe acrobat, you will get certain other advanced features as well. Let see how to add bates numbering to legal documents with Adobe acrobat pro. Once you have upgraded to the pro version of the software.

Then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro
  2. Click on Tools > Edit PDF >> Secondary Toolbar
  3. Then in secondary toolbar >> More >> Bates numbering and then click on Add.
  4. Add PDF files via add files or add folder or add open files option. Browse the PDF file from local system storage.
    Note: In case of adding any password-protected PDF file, you have to manually enter the password for each PDF.
  5. You can also arrange the listing of files in any order. Once you have done with the arrangement of the files, then click on Add header and footer dialog box and then click on OK.
  6. Click on Insert bates number and enter the following i.e Specify the number of digits to be added. By default, it is set to 6 digits number i.e. 000001 and so on. (1-15)
  7. Type prefix or suffix to add before or after the Bates number.

Note: For legal documentation, it is recommended to select a higher digit number to add bates, such as 15.

PDF Numberer Tool to Add Bates Numbering to Legal Documents

It is the cheapest alternative to Adobe acrobat pro. It provides more additional features in minimum price range. Let’s discuss “How to Add Bates Number to PDF Documents via PDF Numberer”

  1. Download & Install the Software From Here.add bates numbering to legal documents
  2. Click on “Bates” given in the navigation bar.add bates number to pdf
  3. On the next windows screen, select option as per the requirement i.e.
    Add Bates Number
    Generate Bate Number For File Series
    Print PDF
    add bates number to pdf
  4. Then click Next. Click on Add file or add folder option to include the PDF files.add bates numbering to legal documents
  5. Select the option to remove encryption if any PDF is secured with a password. Click Next.
  6. A new screen opens with options such as
    Number of Digit
    Start Number
    Increment By
  7. If you want to add more information then select this option and also choose the position of the bates on the given PDF page. add bates number to pdf
  8. Select the font size and color of the bates number.add bates numbering to legal documents
  9. Select option of the naming convention i.e original file name first or the bates number.
  10. Browse the location and click next to start the process. add bates number to pdf
  11. You can also preview the process in between by clicking on the preview button. add bates numbering to legal documents

The Last Few Words to Conclude

Adobe PDF is the universal and most suitable file format for legal documentation. As it left behind the footprints if an altercation is done with the documents. Undoubtedly, there thousands of pages in the single case file. Retrieving information from such large files is never be an easy process. So the concept of adding bates is developed which facilitates the easy identification and accessing of information. In this post, we have discussed the different methods or you can say the solutions to add Bates numbering to legal documents.

People Also Ask!

Q: How Do I Add Bates Numbers to a PDF?

Ans: Steps for Bates Numbering Legal Documents

1: Download and Run, PDF Bates Numbering Tool.

2: Click on Bates and then choose Add Bates Number option.

3: Click on Add Files to insert PDF documents for bates numbering.

4: Enter Bates Number details to add on the PDF documents.

5: Position the bates on PDF and review the summary.

6: Click on the Generate button for bates numbering legal documents.