How to Batch Watermark PDF Files In Few Clicks

Peter Baris ~ Modified: 30-11-2022 ~ Technology ~ 4 Minutes Reading

I want to automate the process of applying individual watermarks and print a large number of PDF files.My main .pdf file processing program is Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.Acrobat has an “Actions” function that can be used for batch processing, including watermarking, but there is no way to pre-specify individual watermarks for each file with this function.Thus, some kind of user script seems like a natural solution.Acrobat supports JavaScript, but I don’t know exactly how to use it.
In short, I need to do batch add watermark to pdf of my folder for quickly sending them to the team. Please tell me the quick and reliable solution to batch watermark PDF files.

What is a Watermark?

A watermark is a small text or image combined with the main content of the document.The image or text is often overlaid with a transparency effect to soften.Working with transparency, you can put a watermark in the foreground.With low transparency, it seems that the contents of the document passes through a watermark.Visually, this is similar to the effect that is created when the watermark is in the background.

Batch Watermark PDF Files

SysTools PDF Watermark is the free software to add batch watermark PDF files. You have option to add text or image as Watermark on your PDF Files. Also you can add any text and customize it accordingly. You can add any image type to the software like if you have .jpg, .png, .gif format , you can add it to the software. The software unlocks the secured PDFs before adding any image or text watermark on it.
Here are the steps to add Batch Watermark to PDF file.

  • Run SysTools PDF Watermark software.

  • Click on the Watermark to start the Batch Watermark PDF Files process.

Image Watermark on PDF

  • Select the type of the watermark you want to add. If you want to add Text watermark, click on that checkbox and if you want to add Image watermark , click on Image watermark.

  • You will get two options to load the file, one is ‘Add File’ and other is ‘Add Folder’. If you want to add one single file then click on Add file option and if you want to batch watermark PDF files, then click on Add Folder.

  • Browse the location and select the image you want to add to the PDFs.

  • The software has amazing Position and Transparency options for the watermark image.Adjust the image where you want to put that watermark image.

  • Set the image transparency and scale the image according.

  • Browse the location where you want to save the file and Click on Next.

  • After clicking on Next, a confirmation screen will be displayed stating watermark is added successfully.

  • Go to the location where you have saved your file and verify the result.

Text Watermark on PDF

  • Checkbox on Text Watermark.

  • Click on the Add Folder to batch watermark pdf files. Click on Next. Type the Watermark text you want to add to the software.

  • Adjust the positioning of the watermark. The software gives you section of Font and Color options where you can adjust:
  • Font size:

  • Font Color:

  • Option to adjust the Transparency:

  • Now browse the destination path where you want to save the file and Click on Next.

  • Software will preview the summary report before generating the watermark, preview it and confirm it. Click on Generate.

  • Watermark has been added successfully, you can view it by going to the destination path where you have saved your pdf. Verify it.


Alot of users faces trouble in adding batch watermark PDF files. The blog discusses quick and reliable solution to embed watermark on PDF whether it is a text or image.