How to Add Picture Watermark in PDF – Batch Processing Methods

admin ~ Published: 02-12-2022 ~ PDF ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Do you want to add any confidential image as a watermark on any PDF file? If it is so, then follow this article. Here, you learn how to add picture watermark in PDF files. You can do watermarking on batch PDF files using these techniques and it will help you finish the job faster.

Need to Insert a Watermark

Inserting a watermark in a PDF file increases the documented safety from all forms of digital copying and editing. Also, it is remarkable to use an image (say company logo) on the company documents to keep make it more confidential. Apart from this, a picture watermark adds a secret message within it about the kind of handling the PDF document should have.

A Picture watermark is usually seen for the documents of a company of organization defining the origin of the document and the original owner. It also makes it clear that the data is not authorized to be copied or edited without owner acknowledgment. Adding a picture watermark is easy but if done with the correct tools it becomes efficient.

So we are listing below some efficient utility that proves to be the best for watermarking PDF documents. Move down to get a brief on each efficient utility.

How to Add Picture Watermark in PDF Files? Best Tools

Accounting the list of best PDF Watermarking utilities, the first up in the list is the PDF Watermark Adder. It is efficiently designed to add any picture as a watermark on PDF files. There is no limitation on the size of a PDF file or the number of PDF files included in a single batch processing. In addition, the user gets the option to deliver PDF documents with a text watermark even. So this utility gives away the best, one need for handling PDF documents with watermarks.  

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Steps to Add Picture Watermark in PDF

  • Run PDF Watermark Adder and click on the watermark
  • Choose for Image Watermark
  • Add PDF files
  • Browse picture to watermark and choose a location to save PDF
  • Click on Generate

This will add the picture watermark on all the PDF documents. In addition, you can even place a position for the watermark on the page. The default place is the center of the page. Also, the transparency of the picture can be set by the user. This really helps as the darker picture can hide the content behind it on the page in PDF.

Generally, it is seen that not all images fit into the page due to its size and position on placement. For this issue, you can use the option to scale the image so that the image fits on the page having any size. It is a very important option for the PDF users who need to add picture watermark in PDF. For having such a large number of functionalities, this utility is chosen the best to work on PDF files for watermarking. Now let us get to know the runner-up in the list of PDF picture watermarking.

How to Add Picture Watermark in PDF using Acrobat?

The Adobe is a popular library to use and work over the PDF files. The application of Adobe, popular by name Acrobat is the second-best utility to insert picture watermark on PDF files. The Acrobat application does a lot of functions over the PDF, one function includes watermarking.

The application is also known to watermark the PDF documents with pictures. It also gives away the option of batch watermarking PDF files. In Acrobat, you can perform the watermarking on secured PDF files. But make sure you don’t add any secured file to the watermark. The application asks for a password for each file to do picture watermarking.

Steps to Insert Image Watermark on PDF

  1. Run Acrobat application.
  2. Go to Tools Menu and select the Edit option.
  3. Choose the Watermark option and select the Add button.
  4. Click on Add Multiple Files and insert PDF files.
  5. Browse an image file and choose position and transparency.
  6. Click OK to add the picture watermark in PDF file .

This will insert the picture on all PDF files as a watermark. For each subsequent protected file, you will need to provide the password. Also, you need a license to accomplish the task as it does not have a license for a lifetime.


In this article, we have found the two best solutions on how to add picture watermark in PDF documents. If you want to add a watermark on your PDF files, try any of these solutions as it may relieve you from the efforts. Also, you will get the watermarking done in very less time.