Export Lotus Notes Calendar to Google Calendar? Dig In Here!

Peter Baris ~ Modified: 30-11-2022 ~ Lotus Notes ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Gmail is one of the widely used web-based email application that is exclusively used for both personal and business-level usage. Altogether, it renders a simplified interface, which is packed with a bunch of impeccable features. Above all, Google calendar holds a remarkable place as it permits users to easily keep a track of the events and also allows to share the calendar with the co-workers. With the help of a calendar, one can set up reminders and also send invitations to the concerned recipients. A person who has permission to access the calendar can also update the same. At times, there arises a circumstance wherein an IBM Notes user has to import Lotus Notes calendar to Google calendar. This could be due to various reasons such as to manage all the calendar entries i.e., both Lotus Notes calendar and Google calendar in a single interface or due to security reasons.

Are you a Lotus Notes user who is eagerly waiting to know a reliable approach to export Lotus Notes calendar to Google calendar? Are you finding troublesome time in knowing the accurate steps to implement your need? Then, do not worry, here comes the blog for you where we will mainly focus on the procedure to add Lotus Notes calendar to Google calendar in an understandable way.

Before implementing the solution, let’s follow a real-life user query to help understand the situation broadly,

“I have been using Lotus Notes application since the time I’ve joined this organization. However, sometimes I also need to work from home where I am using Gmail application. Been working as a Team Leader, I also have to schedule meetings and other activities with my teammates to organize and manage the work efficiently. Because of which, I have decided to export Lotus Notes calendar to Google calendar so that I can easily track all the activities in a single email program. Is there some trustworthy solution to import Lotus Notes calendar to Google calendar? Please advise!”

How to Export Lotus Notes Calendar to Google Calendar Manually?

Basically, the manual approach is a two-step process wherein first you need to export the Lotus Notes calendar entries to ICS format. Secondly, import the Lotus Notes ICS file to Google calendar.

Step 1: Export Lotus Notes Calendar to ICS Format

  1. To begin with, launch the IBM Notes application on the system and hit the Calendar option
  2. Now, click the View option and then calendar entries from the list
  3. In order to export the required calendar entries, navigate to the File menu and select the Export option  
  4. After that, provide the location to save the resultant file by mentioning the file name and under Save as Type, select Calendar File(.ics)  
  5. After filling the required entries, click the Export button to sync Lotus Notes calendar to Google calendar

Step 2: Import IBM Notes ICS File to Google Calendar

  1. Once the Lotus Notes calendar is exported to ICS format, now comes the time to import Lotus Notes calendar to Google calendar
  2. Firstly, go to Google Calendar, hit Settings and choose the Import & Export option lotus notes calendar to google
  3. After that, select the exported Lotus Notes calendar, which is in ICS file format to import by clicking the Import button 
  4. At last, you can easily view the IBM Notes calendar entries in the Google calendar lotus notes calendar to google

Amazing Fact for Thought!

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Concluding Lines

Often times, IBM Notes users have to face a tough time in finding a reliable solution to export Lotus Notes calendar to Google calendar. Now, after reading this article, one can successfully implement the need to import Lotus Notes calendar to Google calendar by following the aforesaid steps in sequence. If there is a need to export Lotus Notes calendar to Outlook, then immediately switch to NSF to PST Converter for instant export process.