Quick Way to Fix Exchange Server Dirty ShutDown Error

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Exchange Server writes complete data in transaction log file before committed it to Exchange Database file(*.edb).There are two locations where exchange saves its data i.e. in the transaction log file, exchange database file.When operation loaded into the cache memory and not committed to information service as a result of which information store abort unexpectedly causes for the exchange server dirty shutdown error of the database.It indicates the error in the exchange database files i.e. *edb,*.stm. When you check the status of your database using command line utility.

Commands to check the status of database file

For Public Folder:-

c:\program files\exchsrvr\bin>eseutil/mh “drive:\programfiles\exchsrvr\mdbdata\pub1.edb”

For Private Folder:-

c:\program files\exchsrvr\bin>eseutil/mh “drive:\programfiles\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb

You will get the following error on the screen in case of exchange dirty shutdown error

1. Error: Database was not shut down cleanly(dirty shutdown).

2. Operation terminated with error -550 (JET_errDatabaseDirtyShutdown, Database was not shut down cleanly.

3. Recovery must first be run to properly complete database

Note -: Take the complete backup of Exchange database in another drive before proceeds further. Be ensure that Exchange Server is in offline mode & enough free space is available for fixing the error.

There are multiple ways to fix Exchange Server Dirty Shutdown Error

1. When the Transaction Log Files are available (Soft Repair)

In this case, the transaction log file are replayed using the Exchange Server Storage Utility

Command for Soft Repair:- eseutil /r “c:\program files\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb”

2. When the transaction log file are missing (Hard Repair)

In the case of transaction log file missing Hard Recovery of Exchange database is performed using the online backup, if the recent database and valid database backup are available then it automatically restores files (*edb, *.stm). After the completion of this process restore.env automatically created in the temp folder

Command for Hard database recovery: – eseutil /cc “c:\Temp\First Storage group”

Note: – It is important to take backup of transaction log file & restore.env because during the hard database recovery some data might get lost.

3. When there is no valid backup available

The backup of recent database is not available then, in this case, Run the following command using Eseutil

Command: – eseutil /p “c:\program files\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb

4. Repair Exchange Dirty Shutdown error with Exchange Recovery Tool

The exchange recovery tool will be beneficial in the case when you are unable to fix error using the above-mentioned methods then you can use this tool to completely repair & recover your valuable data. This Exchange Server edb recovery is simple to use that person with non-technical background can easily use it with ease

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