Best Way to Fix Exchange Jet Error 1018

Published By Siddharth Tehri
Published On July 5th, 2023
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Fix Exchange Jet Error 1018

Introduction: – Exchange Server is the mail and calendaring server developed by Microsoft to meet the internal communication need of small and medium-scale organizations. It runs on the top Windows Server and follows the client-server architecture. In this article, I am going to tell about the way by which you can easily Fix the 1018 jet_errreadverifyfailure error in Exchange Server. What are the reasons behind the Exchange Jet Error 1018? The manual as well as an automated way to solve and Fix Exchange Jet Error 1018.

Before knowing the solutions, it is very important for us to know some important things related to this error. So in the below and upcoming part, we have told you all the reasons which will help you to solve this task.

Exchange Jet Error 1018 – Technical Overview

The Exchange 1018 generally occurs when there is page-level corruption in the Exchange EDB database file. Page-level corruption comes in the Exchange database when the database is written to the disk, the checksum value of the page is calculated using the Mathematical formula and gets stored in the header part of the Page. When we want to take a backup of the database the checksum value is again calculated and matched with the previously calculated value, if there is any redundancy in the checksum value then the page gets corrupted. As a result of which you encountered the Exchange jet 1018 error.

Now, let us move forward and know the reasons behind this error.

Fix Exchange Jet Error 1018 – Possible Reasons

There are many reasons behind the error of Microsoft Exchange. Of which below and we have told you some:

  • The Checksum Value Mismatch While Data is Written to the Disk
  • NTFS File System Error
  • Corrupt Data Written Up on the Disk
  • In First Instance, Incorrect Checksum Value calculated and read by Exchange Server might be the cause of this error
  • Storing the Checksum Value to another location instead of the Exact location required.

So, till now after doing all the necessary things from the above part, now it is time to move on to the below solutions so, that we can complete this task as soon as possible. Now, below are the possible solutions to fix the exchange error, let’s use them

Fix Error 1018 in Microsoft Exchange Via Manual Method

There are multiple ways to Exchange Server Jet Errors. But we are Going to tell you the best from them which are easy and proficient.  Before Proceeding with the given methods please take the backup of Exchange Mailbox Data.

# 1. By Using Exchange Inbuilt Utility

There is an inbuilt utility ESEUTIL available in Exchange Management Console to repair corruption issues in the Exchange EDB database. The Powershell command to run this utility Eseutil /p. This will remove the damaged pages which cause the checksum error while trying to write data to disk.

# 2. Offline Defragmentation of Database

When you remove the damaged pages then white space is created automatically. To remove that white spaces we have to defragment the Exchange Mailbox using the Exchange utility Eseutil/d


#3. Re-Indexing the B-tree Structure

When the defragmentation of Exchange Mailbox takes place then the index of the page gets affected and you need to perform the re-indexing of the database using this command

c:\programfiles\exchsrvr\bin>isinteg -s server name-fix-test All tests

#4. Restoring the data from Online Backup

Restoring the data from the backup is the best option if you have a recent backup of Exchange Mailbox. This might be the first choice but you have to take care that the Backup is in a good state and does not have any corruption issues

Software Tips: To Repair Exchange Data

However, the manual method to fix Exchange 1018 jet_errreadverifyfailure error is available but in most case, these manual methods have their limitations and sometimes fails to handle mild corruption issues. In such cases, there is an alternative or the only solution that exists is the use of third-party software like Exchange Mailbox Recovery Tool. Using this tool the possibility of data loss gets nullified and you can effectively repair the corruption issues of the Exchange mailbox.

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Exchange EDB Recovery application expertly retrieves data including emails, attachments, contacts, distribution lists, calendar events, appointments, journals, and tasks from corrupted or damaged Exchange Server. While carrying out the recovery process, it preserves the folder hierarchy of the mail.


We have discussed the most common error of Exchange Jet Error 1018 and possible reasons for this error and how we can Fix the 1018 jet_errreadverifyfailure error with the manual and automated solution. For efficient and rapid fix Exchange jet errors, you can go with an automated solution like Exchange Mailbox Repair Tool without any hesitation. The tool has a huge collection of advanced features which can manage and fix exchange jet 1018 errors with ease.