How do I Export Gmail to PST With Reliable Steps?

Published By Siddharth Tehri
Published On January 17th, 2024
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Suppose you are a Gmail user and want to shift your mailbox data to Outlook. Then, this post is specially for you, as in this tutorial we will share a completely secure and reliable way to export Gmail to PST. Plus, we will explore manual and automated ways to execute the procedure hassle-free. Also, it is advised to save Gmail emails with attachments as PDF, to make them more accessible.

We begin this article with the reasons for the same.

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Reasons: Why Save Gmail to PST

There are several situations in which users have to execute the exporting procedure, and some of them are as follows:

  • Archiving data saves space and reduces costs.
  • Local storage ensures uninterrupted access, particularly during technical issues or server downtime.
  • Gmail’s 15 GB storage limit can cause space errors, making PST backups a reliable solution.
  • Creating backups prevents data loss due to cyber threats or hacking.
  • PST files offer portability, ease of access, and security with password protection.
  • Offline access is possible using MS Outlook, allowing synchronization with IMAP accounts.

After reading the reasons, we understood that what are the situations in which users have to save Gmail to PST. Moreover, in the next part of the phase, we will delve into the traditional techniques for the same. 

How to Export Gmail to PST Manually?

You can start the process using the steps outlined below. Also, it is important to note that traditional methods have limitations that might complicate the process. For a seamless experience, consider a smarter solution for the procedure(you can skip this section). We’ll begin with the Outlook method to export Gmail to PST. 

  • Install the Outlook Application
  • Open Outlook and click on “Add Account.”
  • Enter your Gmail login credentials to configure the account.
  • Complete the setup process for Gmail within Outlook.
  • Access the File menu and select “Import/Export.”
  • Choose “Export to a file” and then select PST as the file type.
  • Follow the prompts by clicking “Next” accordingly.
  • Select the destination for the PST file.
  • Click “Finish” to conclude the process.

With the mentioned techniques, you can save Gmail to PST, but as we discussed above they have some drawbacks at the same time. On top of that, we will learn the same further.

Consequences of the Traditional Techniques

Users faced some hurdles during the procedure while performing with manual techniques. Here are a few of them, which we need to be aware of:

  • Manual methods cannot download Gmail emails in bulk, demanding repetitive processing and highly time-consuming.
  • Exporting data using manual methods can take days, causing frustration and inefficiency for users.
  • Interruptions in internet connectivity during Google Takeout’s export process may require reinitiating the entire procedure.
  • The manual method might fail to save the archive file on the local system, risking incomplete data transfer.
  • They are complex, tedious, and require technical expertise, leading to potential human errors.

So, to troubleshoot these demerits we have to opt for an automated solution that can make the task as reliable as expected. For the same, you don’t need to go anywhere because further we will discuss it. 

Professionally Export Gmail to PST

Nowadays, several utilities search over the internet but there is one out-of-the-box tool,  Revove Gmail Backup Software. Plus, it offers various functionalities which we will discuss further. Apart from this, we will begin with its steps to save Gmail to PST:

Step 1. Navigate to ‘All Programs’ and select the tool from the start menu.

Step 2. Upon launching the software, input your Gmail ID and App-Password when prompted.


Step 3. The software will redirect you to the Gmail login page. Click ‘OK’ to proceed.


Step 4. Enter the credentials of the Gmail account intended for backup.


Step 5. Proceed by clicking on the ‘Activate’ tab.


Step 6. Choose the export format as ‘PST’ and select the desired categories for backup from the Gmail account.


Step 7. Click ‘Browse’ to specify the destination for the export process.


Step 8. Select the destination folder and confirm by clicking ‘OK.’


Step 9. Apply customized filters by clicking ‘Apply filters’: choose specific folders and set email filters.


Step 10. Initiate the backup process by clicking ‘Start.’


Why Opt for the Smart Solution?

There are many functionalities offered by the tool above that can help to export Gmail to PST:

  • This tool provides the functionality to back up personal Gmail emails with attachments.
  • It can save Gmail data in various formats including PST, MSG, MBOX, etc. Plus, it can download Google Contacts in VCF 2.1 format, and save Gmail calendar events in ICS format.
  • There is no issue with compatibility as it supports the ‘’ domain.
  • This utility offers the incremental backup option for newly arrived data, which saves you time.
  • With this application, you can maintain your folder hierarchy during the procedure.

Time to Conclude

Within this write-up, we understand the concept to export Gmail to PST, and the reasons behind it. For the same, we expire both manual and automated approaches, but at the same time, traditional techniques have some disadvantages. That’s why most users opt for the smart solution, which is an intelligent decision.