Best Gmail Backup Software For Windows & Mac OS

Archive Gmail Data With Gmail Backup Tool

  • Backup Gmail Data such as Emails, Calendars, Contacts Documents
  • Provide Flexibility to download Gmail Backup Folder-wise
  • Multiple Language Support for Enhanced Usability
  • Migrate Email from Gmail to Outlook using tool
  • Provides the options to backup Gmail emails with attachments as PDF file
  • Import Gmail to thunderbird with entire data items
  • Single User Gmail Account Data Backup
  • Provides Advanced Functionality to delete server data after gmail account backup
  • Manage Folder Hierarchy for each email folder in Gmail during data migration to Outlook file
  • Speedily Download Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Documents on local Hard Disk
  • Export contacts from Gmail to Windows live mail
  • Smartly Maintains original formatting as well data integrity after gmail backup

The Practical Features of Gmail Backup Software For Windows

complete data backup

Complete Gmail Backup

With the help of gmail backup software you can easily take the back up gmail accounts data such as emails, calendars, contacts etc. You can also use gmail backup tool to archive gmail data of single Gmail account. You can download Gmail contacts in Vcard and Calendar data in ICS file formats. For Gmail Calenadr to PST conversion, Outlook installation is mandatory.

selective-data backup

Selective Backup Gmail Items

The Gmail Backup software provides the advanced mechanism for selectively backup of gmail data such as emails, calendars, contact & documents. You have to only check or uncheck box provided near each items. The software archive only selected data as per user requirement. The Gmail backup software provides the advanced filters such as date filters. If you want to create back up gmail data of particular date then you can use date filter.

management folder hierarchy

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

Software offers a specialized functionality to maintain the folder structure of Gmail account after backup is completed. In addition, the integrity of data is maintained with all the meta attributes being saved with each email downloaded.

delete e-mail

Delete Email After Archiving

For space requirement, you can also delete your gmail data from the server after creating the archive of gmail data on local hard disk. By doing so, you can prevent data theft from the server. Thus adding up security to your gmail data. Moreover, You can use same data from the recently created backup.

secure backup

Secure Authenticated Backup

For successful backup of gmail accounts, you have to go through the authentication mechanism implemented by the software for secure backup of gmail in the isolated environment. You have to allows access to software so that software can parse thoroughly. The Software does not save your credentials in its database

backup email as PDF

Backup Email & Attachments as Adobe PDF

Gmail Backup Software also allows to backup email, attachment into a PDF file. The generated pdf file are with same name as email Subject. The tool will preserves all the attributes of an email in the pdf file. User can view and download attachments associated with each email from pdf file.

pause process

Pause & Resume Download Backup Option

When the smooth working of the software interrupts by any means such as system interruption or any other user activities then in such case Gmail backup software automatically pause the process. You can resume it when all interruption solved

Gmail Data Backup Utility For Windows Screenshots

login Gmail backup tool
Step 1: Updated Gmail Data
select e-mail format
Step 2: Select File Format
filter emails to export
Step 3: Select Items
downloading interface
Step 4: Start Downloading

Gmail Backup Solution for Windows Specifications

Revove Gmail Backup Software safe and secure

Trial Limitations

Demo version can export Gmail Email to PST, EML, MBOX, PDF & MSG, within email limit of 100 & 25 other items (Calendar, Contacts & Documents)

Download for Windows100% Secure

Size: 26.7 MB Version:7.0

System Specifications:

  • Support: Microsoft Windows 10.1 & other below versions (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Processor: 2.2 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is Recommended)
  • RAM: Minimum 2 GB of RAM (4 GB is Recommended)
  • Disk Space: 100 MB of free hard disk space

Application Pre-requisite

  1. Requires Outlook installation for Gmail Calendars to Outlook PST file conversion

Archive Gmail Data Software

Does software safe to use?

Yes, the software is safe and secure to use. The software is tested millions of time after the deployment in different key sets.

Is there any limitation to use the software to select the folder?

No, there is no limitation to use the software to select folders.

Can, I recover deleted Gmail emails also using the software?

No, You can recover deleted emails. The software only design to take backup..

Does the software allows to backup of customized domains?

No, The software is set to backup of only domains only.

How can I use software to import gmail to apple mail?

The software provides the enhanced features to migrate gmail to apple mail.

Is it possible to save Gmail email and its attachment in a PDF file?

Yes, Gmail backup software provides the option to download all Gmail emails and its attachment in .pdf file. You can easily save the required attachment files present inside each pdf file.

Migrate Gmail Data to Multiple Email Plaform Using Gmail Backup


Gmail to Outlook Migration

With the help of Gmail to Outlook Backup Software, you can also migrate easily from gmail to outlook. When you are using gmail backup software then you do not need to install Outlook to transfer gmail to outlook emails. Apart from this software also allows migrating contacts from gmail to outlook. For this you will have to select PST file format in destination. Then import resultant pst file in Outlook using Import/Export Wizard.


Export Gmail to Thunderbird

The Gmail to Thunderbird backup tool is so innovative and smart to export gmail to thunderbird. Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird Software allows you to export gmail data such as emails, contacts, calendars, document. To import gmail contacts to thunderbird, you have to select mbox file format for archiving. Then, you can import resultant file in thunderbird to have access of gmail data in thunderbird. The software is so impeccable to use for the archive of gmail accounts using thunderbird

live mail archive

Gmail to Windows live mail

The Gmail to Windows Live Mail Archive Software is so procured and professional that it can be used for the transfer of gmail to windows live mail without loss of any data. You do need any external software for importing contacts from gmail to windows live. You have to only select EML file format in destination. After that you can easily access gmail data in windows live mail.

detect email client

Gmail to Apple Mail archive

Gmail to Apple mail archive software helps user to transfer gmail to apple mail with items such as emails, calendars, contacts, documents. Select mbox file in the destination then gmail to apple mail backup software creates archive of gmail data in mbox file format. Then after, you can easily import gmail data in apple mail to view content of gmail on apple mail email platform.

eudora migration

Gmail to Eudora Migration

Gmail to Eudora backup utility is one of the outstanding tool to import Gmail to Eudora with complete data items such as emails, contacts, calendars, documents. You have to only select mbox file format in the destination. The Gmail to Eudora backup software creates archive of gmail data in mbox file. Then after import gmail archive to thunderbird.

exchange server

Gmail to Exchange Server

The Gmail to Exchange archive software helps you to export gmail to exchange server. Select PST file format for archive in the destination. Then use this PST file to import to exchange server using the command line facility provided by the exchange server

Gmail Email Backup Software

Quick Overview of Gmail Backup Tool

Features Demo Version full- version
Add Gmail Accounts
Backup Single User Data
Save Data in Multiple File Formats such as PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, PDF
Support Windows 10.1 and Belows Versions
Dual View Mode (Horizontal or Vertical)
Maintain Gmail Data Formatting
Cost Features $29

Unified Software to Backup Gmail Data on Mac OS

  • Selectively download Gmail default folders to local storage as backup
  • Save data from Gmail Single user account on Mac hard drive
  • Backup emails in PST, EML, PDF, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, HTML, TXT, CSV, & MHT format
  • Automatically generates history for interrupted backup & Pause & Resume feature
  • Ability to change Page Layout, Paper Orientation, Size, & Margin in accordance
  • Option to make changes to the Bates Number & Attachments as per requirement
  • Choose to backup selected emails by marking or unmarking Exclude All Mail option
  • Delete after Download feature to take backup & free up server space altogether
  • Provides Incremental Backup feature for backup of newly arrived data only
  • Available for all versions of Mac OS (prior version Mac OS 10.8 to latest Mac OS 12.0)

Radiant Functionality of Mac Gmail Backup Software


Backup Entire Gmail Account Data Instantly

With the help of Mac Gmail Backup Software, you can easily backup the entire data of mac gmail account. It includes the Emails, Calendars, Contacts etc.

pause process

Multiple Formats to Choose From

The Mac Gmail Backup tool allows saving the data of gmail account in the EML, PST, MSG, MBOX, PDF, MHT, HTML, TXT, CSV, and EMLX file format on the hard drive of the user. After then, the user is able to access the content of gmail on any email platform.

selective folder backup

Selective Folder Backup

The Google mail backup software fro Mac provides the extended filter option to selectively backup of folders. For thus, user have to use the check and uncheck box against the folders such as inbox, drafts, sent, email, spam, starred etc.

customized features

Customized Settings For More Ease

The mac gmail backup software is completely enhanced with the customized features to increase the simplicity and ease of gmail backup process. The user can use the filter via folder or with the date range.

gmail backup history

Automatic Record of Gmail Backup History

The software automatically generated the gmail account history for the interrupted backup process. It lists the reason for interruption and helps user to understand the actual reason for the failure of gmail backup process.

64 bit version

Pause & Resume Option

The Mac Gmail backup tool provides the enhanced functionality to pause and resume backup process. In the case of any internal or external distractions or the interruption, the software automatically pauses the backup process and wait for your commands to wake up.

Gmail Email Backup Tool For MAC Screenshots
add mbox file
Step 1:  Download Mac Gmail Backup Tool & login to Gmail
select file system
Step 2: Select the file format & apply filters for selective backup
avail previews
Step 3: Choose the final location for the end results by clicking on Browse
Step 4: Hit Start Backup & successfully save Gmail emails on Mac OS X
Gmail Backup For MAC Specifications
Revove Mac Gmail Backup Tool

Size:89.2 MB Version:5.0

save and secure

Trial Limitations

Demo version can export only 100 Gmail Emails to Mac system.

Download for Mac100% Secure

System Specifications:

  • Support: Mac OS X 10.8 Maountain Lion and all above versions
  • Processor: Mac Computer with Intel Processor
  • RAM: 4 GB of RAM
  • Disk Space: 100 MB free hard disk space
  • Internet connection to receive updates
Gmail Backup Utility For MAC Faqs

Can I backup multiple gmail account simultaneously use the software?

Yes, with the help of software you can easily take the backup of multiple gmail account simultaneously.

Does there is any possibility of data leakage while using the software?

No, There is no possibility of data leakage during the backup process. The software works on the SSL protocol to provide the safe and secure environment.

Is there any facility to selectively backup gmail data?

Yes, the software provides the facility to selectively take the backup of gmail account data.

Mac Gmail Data Backup Software Order Now

Get Complete Gmail Data Backed up Via Mac Gmail Backup Tool

Features Demo Version full- version
Add Gmail Account
Support MAC OS X Edition
Customized Filters
Save At Desired Location
Save Gmail Backed Up Data in several formats First 100 Emails Only all items
Cost Features $39
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