How to Convert vCard to CSV Mac – Complete Guide

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Published On September 14th, 2023
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Convert vCard to CSV Mac

In Summary: vCards are a popular file format. Which is used to collect and exchange contact information. However, at times there may be situations where we need to convert VCF to CSV Mac (Comma-Separated Values) file format on our Mac. Converting VCF to CSV can prove to be useful when you want to import contacts into an Excel spreadsheet or any other application that supports CSV files. Today we would like to tell you some solutions through this blog using which You can convert vCard to CSV Mac very easily, so let’s start this technical and informative blog to export Mac address book to CSV.

Let’s See What Users Say. 

“A friend of mine sent me a Mac contact file in bulk. Since I am on the marketing team, I usually need these files to communicate with my team. But now I want to convert the Mac vCard contact file to CSV But we are clueless about how this whole process can be done. So if anyone has any solution to export contacts from Mac to CSV, please suggest it. Thanks in advance.”

After seeing the action taken by the user, let us have a look at the difference between VCF and CSV. Also so that this process is clear to us in a better way.

VCF vs CSV – Brief Difference Explanation

VCARD (VCF) and CSV (Comma-Separated Values) are two different file formats with different purposes and structures. There are many differences between them such as:

VCF which is also known as Virtual Contact File. These files are specifically designed to store contact information using a structured format with predefined fields. They excel at representing individual contacts with multiple data points, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers.

In contrast, CSV is also known as Comma-Separated Values. These files are the more common format for storing tabular data, using a simple comma-separated format. CSV files are flexible and widely used for a variety of data types, but they lack the specialized structure of vCard files.

Ultimately, the choice between VCF and CSV depends on whether you need to store and exchange contact details or handle extensive tabular data. Now, let us move on to the below part to know the reasons related to export Mac address book to CSV.

Why it is Necessary to Convert vCard to CSV Mac

convert VCF to CSV Mac can be necessary by doing many things, from which below we have told some:

  • CSV files are simple text files that can be easily created by the website developer.
  • It is handled by almost all existing applications
  • To organize a better amount of data.

From the section till now we have covered all those important things. Which was once necessary for us to know. Now, it’s time to go through the solutions that can get the job done quickly. So, as we all know every work is completed in two ways first manual and second automatic. So, knowing the first solution, let us move toward the second solution to export contacts from Mac to CSV.

Convert vCard to CSV Mac – Manual Approach

To manually convert multiple vcf to csv, we are using Windows Contacts Manager Import/Export functionality. However, this solution can be tricky, and the process involves two separate steps. So, follow each step carefully.

Method 1: Use Windows Contacts Manager Import/Export

  1. To convert VCF to CSV on a Mac process, first press Windows + R to open the Run command prompt and enter this path. {%systemdrive%\users\%username%\contacts}.
  2. Now, you should see the navigation bar in which the Import button is listed, hit on it to export Mac address book to CSV.
  3. Next, import the contacts into Windows by selecting the vCard (VCF file) option. Then click on the Import button to proceed with the process to convert vCard to CSV Mac.
  4. Then, select the VCF files that are important and press the Open button to export contacts from Mac to CSV.
  5. All your vCard contacts are now moved to the Windows Contacts folder.

So, here the first selection ends, now move to the next step.

Method 2: VCF to CSV Mac

  1. Click the “Export” tab in the navigation panel of Windows Contacts Folders.
  2. For, after selecting the CSV file export option, tap on the “Export” button to convert vCard to CSV Mac.
  3. After this, users then have to browse the specified location and select “Save” from the menu.
  4. Users can choose which vCard data fields should be exported in CSV format.
  5. Finally, click on the Finish button. A pop-up menu with a success message will then be displayed.
  6. To check the vCard contacts in the CSV file, navigate to the location of the resulting data file to VCF to CSV Mac.

Here the manual method ends. But, there are some limitations of this method like taking more time, having knowledge of technical things, chances of losing data, etc. So to avoid all these flaws, we have given below another great solution, which is reliable and easy to use.

Convert vCard to CSV Mac – Automated Solution

To convert VCF to CSV on Mac, you can take the help of a professional solution i.e. Mac vCard Converter Tool to easily convert multiple VCF to CSV without data loss. The tool comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to both non-technical and technical users. It allows you to convert and export vCard file contacts to other file formats.

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It allows one or multiple vCard files to be added to the software at a time. After adding vCard files, you can choose any type of export file and the tool will convert and export all added vCard files to the selected file format. The software directly converts all vCard files to CSV and other formats.

Export Mac Contacts to CSV – Stepwise

  1. Download and Run vCard Converter for Mac on your Mac OS.
  2. Then, select “Add File” to add the VCF file to the software panel. export mac contacts to csv
  3. Now, click the Radio Tab corresponding to the “CSV” labeled text to export VCF to CSV Mac. convert vcf to csv on mac
  4. At last, click on the Change Button to choose the save converted vCard to CSV file and Hit the “Export” button to Convert vCard to CSV Mac. Convert vCard to CSV Mac

Main Features of Mac vCard to CSV Converter Tool

  • Allows you to export multiple convert vCard to CSV Mac
  • Also, converts Mac vCard into CSV, PST, PDF, MSG, HTML, TXT, and VCF.
  • Ability to convert single and multiple contacts to CSV format
  • No limit on the number of contacts to export to the VCF contacts file
  • It supports splitting large vCard and merging multiple files.
  • It is compatible with all Mac OS X 10.8 and all the latest versions of Mac OS X.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How to Produce a CSV File Manually?

Ans: Many applications allow you to create CSV files, including Excel, Google Sheets, Notepad, and others. Let’s see how to use Excel to manually create a CSV file.

  1. Launch Microsoft Excel. On the first row of the spreadsheet, type the title of the table. (for example, name, email address, contact information, etc.)
  2. Fill in each column of the spreadsheet with contact information.
  3. Choose Save As from the File menu. For Save as type, choose comma-separated Values (.csv) from the drop-down selection.
  4. Name the CSV file and save it on your PC.

Q 2: How do I Export a vCard on My Mac?

Ans: Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Select one or more contacts from the Contacts program on your Mac.
  2. Choose File > Export > Export vCard and choose Save after selecting the destination location.
  3. Only the vCard file (.vcf) is used to export contacts.

Final Words

Many users are searching for a solution to perform the conversion method to convert VCF to CSV Mac. To deal with this type of situation, the user should opt for an intelligent and reliable solution. In the above section, we explained an automated way to Convert vCard to CSV Mac. Users can try this solution to convert VCF to CSV on Mac without any worry as there is no possibility of data loss in this software.