Best Hotmail to PDF Converter – Overview and Procedure

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There are many people using the Hotmail email application to manage personal and professional email accounts. Many users facing some issues managing their email and they want to save Hotmail emails as pdf but they don’t know how to convert Hotmail to PDF Adobe documents. Know about the very popular and mostly suggested application for Hotmail email conversion from the article below.

In this article, you will get an overview of the best Hotmail email conversion tool. It is easy to work for all Hotmail users and provides the best security while transferring data from one format to another. You may know all about its functioning, abilities, and system requirements to run to save your data. So let us start with an overview.

best Hotmail to pdf converter

Best Hotmail to PDF Converter – Overview

The Hotmail Email Conversion Utility is very simple and easy to execute. It has much functionality that helps the user to comfort the email conversion according to the requirement. We will have a brief on these features in the upcoming sections. In addition to this, the application helps to keep the attachments within each email PDF file. This way you don’t need to download the attachments again from the Hotmail account.

The whole process is very secure and it assures no data loss during or after the process completion. There is a facility to pause and resume the conversion process so that no interruptions stuck or fail the process in midway. You can find the log of the past processes that aren’t completed successfully.

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System Requirements

You need to fulfill these requirements so that your system will easily run the best Hotmail to PDF Converter on the machine.

Free Hard Drive Space: 100 MB


Processor: 1 GHz processor

OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, or any below versions

Apart from this, you need to install the Microsoft .net Framework v4.5 or above to successfully run the tool. If you have all these in your system, then running the Hotmail to PDF converter is very easy on your system. You need to follow the below procedure to easily export Hotmail emails to PDF format.

Steps of Hotmail Email Conversion

 1: Run Hotmail to PDF Converter on your system

run Hotmail to PDF Converter

 2: Log in with Hotmail account

login to tool

 3: Select PDF format

select pdf option

Step 4: Browse a location to save Hotmail email to PDF file

browse location

Step 5: Start the email conversion process

start Hotmail to pdf conversion

After the process completion, you can find all the Hotmail emails in PDF file at the destination location. This utility is known best not only due to this easy process but because of the prominent features it provides. There are a lot of options that help you complete your process. You can find and understand what you can achieve by using the utility in the below segment.

Features of Hotmail to PDF Converter

The application offers a lot of facilities to its users. The major and most useful functions of the utility are described below

4+ Language Compatibility: Hotmail to PDF converter tool compatible to work in six different languages. You can change the language before signing in to the application. The users across the world can access this application in English, Spanish, Deutsch, Portuguese, Japanese, and Russian.  

Incremental Conversion Option: You have the option to skip the emails previously converted and only process the new emails. This will cover the required emails and you don’t need to process all the emails.

Local Email Archive Facility: There is a function to help you convert Hotmail emails into PDF and simultaneously delete these emails from the Hotmail account. This option is automatic and the account will free account storage space.

Filter Emails by Date Range: If you need to convert only a few emails, you can do it by setting a date filter. The emails within this filter range will only be converted to PDF format. All the rest of the emails are ignored from the process.

Resume Abrupt Process: If you fail to execute any process completely, you can resume the process after re-signing into the application. A log file is maintained for all the unsuccessful conversion processes.

Secured Data Conversion: The email file converted to PDF form Hotmail account is assured a 100% security. No data is lost or corrupted during or after a successful conversion process. Even the folder hierarchy is kept intact to analyze the emails after conversion.

Multiple Email Format Support: The Hotmail to PDF Converter allows converting the emails in various email formats apart from the PDF file. You can have the email file in PST, EML, MBOX, MSG, and PDF formats. You can add Hotmail to Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.

Cons of the Utility

The application offers a free trial that limits the Hotmail to PDF email conversion to 100 emails. Also, the incremental backup option is not possible in the free version. This very utility will convert Hotmail emails to PDF in only Windows systems.

Final Verdict

This article is a review of the best Hotmail to PDF Converter available. Hotmail users who want to get their data in PDF format have the best option here above. Know about the application; its features, process, and system requirements and find how it can be useful to accomplish your task effortlessly.