Office 365 Business Premium Email Backup – Instant Tips & Tricks

Published By Siddharth Tehri
Published On December 5th, 2022
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It is the most common thought process of business organization that migration to the cloud is still mystery. It will require huge capital investment and outsourced technical services to switch to cloud. But in reality this is not true, as more number of companies itself shifting to the cloud services without any complexity. They have their own experiences with same application in different technical environment conditions. One doubt that every administrator have in common is “Is data safe on cloud?” or still we need to take the backup of Office 365 business premium for our business safety? In this post we will discuss why it is essential to backup Office 365 business premium. So keep reading this post to know about the tips & tricks for office 365 business premium email backup.

There is no doubt in saying that data on cloud is not 100% safe. There is always the 5-10% margin of error whether due to human activity or natural phenomenon. So, one should always have the backup plan for the smooth functioning of business otherwise, it will directly impact on the productivity and customer trust level as well.

It is very common tactics seen in most of the Office 365 cloud administrator that they do not create backup of crucial data timely. One of the major reason for this liberal behavior is the Microsoft responsibility for managing Office 365 server infrastructure and ensure 99.9% uptime for the cloud data. In case of any vulnerabilities, Microsoft will be their to provide the backup of their data from the dispersed data center.

It is very true that Microsoft is capable of providing the lost or deleted because of your operational failure and other activities. But one thing you need to think who will suffered the most. This is up to you to secure your business data and ensure its availability to the employees or the customers when required.

Understanding the Need to Backup Office 365 Business Premium Via Real Time Scenario

Suppose you are working as the Office 365 administrator in your organization and you have sole responsibility of managing the crucial business data and also have to ensure the availability of the data when needed. Now try to visualise the scenario by correlating with real time. While working the on group policy or any other important admin works, accidentally the data of several employees get deleted. You do not have any idea what to do next? This is because, you do not have any fresh backup of Office 365 business premium. If you have backup of the data then you can easily import the data back to the cloud.

Backup Office 365 Business Premium Account – Quick Tips & Tricks

From the above scenario, it is clear that backup of crucial data is very important to maintain the business continuity. Apart from this, there is one more important aspect of creating backup of Office 365 business premium.
With office 365 business plans, there is limitation on the mailbox storage. By default it is 50GB. If it exceeds the threshold value of 49.5 GB then you will not able to send or receive the emails.

If you think of creating archive of mailbox data then it will not release the thrust on the storage. This is because, you are creating the archive of mailbox data on the same logical space. For extra space, you need to pay more or upgrade to enterprise plan of Office 365. But you can also take the backup of less important or rarely used data locally to free the space on cloud. For the same, you can use Revove Office 365 backup tool. It will provide you the ease and simplicity through which you can easily backup office 365 business premium account. In the next section we will discuss the features of Office 365 backup tool.

Quick Glance of Essential Feature of Office 365 Backup Software

Since it is clear that there is no other option available instead to backup office 365 business premium mailboxes. With the Office 365 Cloud email backup tool, the process seems to very and simple as compared with the available manual solution. This is only because of the supreme feature collection of the software. Some of the important features are discussed below which can be helpful for Office 365 business premium email backup:

1. Systematic or Schedule Backup of Office 365 Mailbox

Office 365 backup software is very robust software which has the capability of creating the backup of office 365 mailbox on schedule basis. Currently, it supports 4 different type of schedule backup i.e. daily, one time weekly, monthly. So you have very wide variety of backup options to choose from.

2. Maintain Folder Hierarchy of Downloaded Emails

SysTools Office 365 backup software maintains the inbuilt folder hierarchy of Office 365 mailboxes. The software maintains and preserve the metadata associated with the mailboxes while creating office 365 business premium mail backup

3. Selective Data Backup

With the Office 365 Mailbox backup software, you have freedom to choose what type of data you want to backup i.e. Mail, Documents, Contacts, Calendars. It will create the backup of Office 365 emails in PST or EML file format, Contacts in .vcf file format and calendars in .ics file format.

4. Generate Backup report

After the completion of the backup Office 365 business premium mailboxes, the software generates the report of the complete process in the .csv file format. So, you can compare the outcomes with the original data.

download tool to backup office 365 business premium

Note: Application Impersonation Rights will be needed for bulk mailbox backup. To know more, read this:

Watch Live – How to Backup Office 365 Business Premium Mailboxes via Office 365 Backup Software

The Last Line

The data is the lifeline of any organization. It must be in available at any time to maintain the continuity of business process. It is the prime need of the current scenario that every organization should need to create the backup of data stored on the cloud. This is because, the data on the cloud is not 100% secure. So to cope up with any data catastrophe, data backup must be available there to minimize the effect. Backup Office 365 business premium account,  one already have the best backup tool in the form of  Office 365 backup software. It is also available for trial.