Tutorial on How to Transfer Emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird on New Computer

Peter Baris | September 16th, 2020 | Mac Outlook, Technology

Hotmail is a web-based email application that requires a browser to access the account. It saves all its data such as messages, contacts, etc on the cloud database. So, whenever a user needs to access the Hotmail.com account emails in an offline environment, then storing its messages in a desktop-based email application is the best option for users. For this, Mozilla Thunderbird, a free desktop-oriented client, can be a great solution. It stores all its email files in MBOX format on the local system. Therefore, in this article, we are going to show you a complete guide on how to transfer emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird on a new computer.

Manual Approach to Move Emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird

To perform this workaround, a user must have a Thunderbird installation on the Mac system. If it is not configured, then download Mozilla Thunderbird application from its official website. Thereafter, create a profile in it and then go through the below instructions to transfer emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird on the Mac machine.

Steps to Configure Hotmail Account into Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Launch Thunderbird on Mac system.
  • Navigate to Tools and select Account Settings from the menu to open Account Settings window.
  • After that, click on Account Actions drop-down button. Then, select Add Mail Account option to open Mail Account Setup Wizard.
  • Under Mail Account Setup window, type name, hotmail.com account email ID, password in Your name, Email address, and Password box respectively.
  • Next, click on Continue.
  • After that, verify that Mozilla applied following settings or not:
    • Ensure IMAP is selected.
    • Incoming: IMAP, imap-mail.outlook.com, SSL
    • Outgoing: SMTP, smtp-mail.outlook.com, STARTLES
  • In such a situation, the settings show different data, then click on Manual Configuration and add the information manually. Under Incoming Section:
    • Make sure IMAP is chosen.
    • Type imap-mail.outlook.com in Server hostname.
    • In Port, select 993.
    • Select SSL/TLS under the SSL column and select Normal under the Authentication section.

      Under Outgoing Section

    • Type smtp-mail.outlook.com for Server name.
    • Select 587 for Port.
    • Next, pick STARTTLS under the SSL column
    • Choose the Normal password for the Authentication method.
  • At last, click on Done >> OK to setup Outlook.com account in Mac Thunderbird.

By doing this, the mailbox of the Hotmail account synchronizes with its server and downloads all the emails on the local system. This transfer emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird account. So, the user can easily access emails in the Thunderbird environment. Besides this, the MBOX file of Outlook.com emails gets created in the back end.

Unluckily, Manual Approach Have Some Downsides

With the help of the above method, one can easily view the emails of Hotmail account in Thunderbird application on the Mac system. But, the contacts and calendar entries cannot be synchronized with the Mozilla Thunderbird program during account configuration. If the users wish to view all its data items of Hotmail.com account such as email, contacts, calendar entries, then the above-described cannot give you the desired result.

Efficiently Transfer Emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird on New Computer

For an appropriate method to move emails, contacts, and calendars of Hotmail.com account in Thunderbird, try Mac Hotmail Backup Software. It is an impeccable utility that creates a backup of Hotmail.com emails in Thunderbird supported MBOX, PST, EML, MSG, or EMLX file formats.

Apart from this, it also saves contacts and calendars/shared calendars from the Outlook.com (Hotmail) account. A user only needs to enter its profile credentials and download the data items of Hotmail into the desired file format on the Mac system with this tool. Furthermore, this utility available for Mac OS 10.8 or above versions.

download button

Steps to Transfer Hotmail Emails to MBOX on Mac

Step 1: Run Mac Hotmail Backup Tool and login with Hotmail account.

login to tool

Step 2: Select MBOX format.

select mbox format

Step 3: Browse a location to transfer emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird file.

browse location to save Hotmail mailbox in Thunderbird format

Step 4: Click on Start Backup to transfer Hotmail emails to Thunderbird file.

transfer emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird format

The self-guided interface of the software makes the complete process easy and smooth for any type of user. It is considered as the best method that can transfer emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird MBOX file. This file type can be further imported into Thunderbird easily.

Benefits Offered to Move From Hotmail to Thunderbird

  1. Download backup of Hotmail account on Mac system
  2. Save data items into MBOX, PST, EML, MSG or EMLX
  3. Facility of data deletion from account after backup
  4. Emails header properties always remain the same
  5. Option of Include folder feature to add any folder
  6. Facility to Exclude Sent and Deleted Items folder

Final Words

Many users want a reliable solution to transfer emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird on a new computer. Therefore, in this technical post, we have covered a manual way to access emails of Outlook.com account in Mozilla Thunderbird application. We have also discussed the pain point of manual workaround and hence, an easy solution to migrate emails from Hotmail email to Mac Thunderbird also explained in this write-up.