Troubleshoot SQL Database Error 3624 – System Assertion has Failed

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Know How to Fix SQL Database Error 3624 Manually

When users are working on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2008 R2 and they run Transaction-SQL Query, there are chances that SQL Database Error 3624 may occur. If an administrator attempts to export the database from a SQL Server to other SQL Server, an error may arise where database stops working. Following error message is displayed:

fix sql server error 3624

A system assertion has failed. Check the SQL Server error log for more information.

This problem is caused when the database gets corrupted or by a software bug. In case it is due to database corruption, a user can run DBCC CHECKDB. If the user agrees to send a minidump or backup, it will be sent to Microsoft. Microsoft will send an update in a QFE or latest Service Pack.

Quick Reasons for SQL Server Error 3624

Some of the reasons due to which this error 3624 occurs in SQL Server are:

  • When two or more tables are joined by JOIN statement

  • Data compression is enabled for one table only

  • Clustered Index is available on the column of table

  • Column length of one table is different from column length of other tables

  • ON- filter is enabled for any particular column

Due to all of the above-mentioned reasons, length of key data appears to be greate the than length of compressed data. This all results in SQL Database Error 3624: System Assertion Has Failed.

It may also happen due to

  • Software issues like corruption in database or software issues.

Instant Solution to Resolve SQL database Error 3624

To resolve SQL database error 3624, there are 2 methods to solve the issue:

  1. Manual method

  2. Automated method

Let us study them in detail

#Manual Method to Fix SQL Server Error 3624

In the manual method, a user needs to perform all the steps manually. The manual solution can be done with the help of following 3 solutions:

  • Check the cause of error

The exact cause of the error can be known with the help of DBCC CHECKDB. Whether the error occurs due to corruption in database or software bug, it can be analyzed very well. If the corruption is within the limits, it can be repaired too.

  • Retrieve data from backup

In case the database is severely corrupted, it can be restored from the backup. But, the condition is backup should be up to date and any of the following conditions must not exist:

  • Backup is old and not up to date: If the backup created is old, then some of the data will miss. For example, if the backup is 15 days old, then the data of the past 15 days will be not there.

  • Backup of the data is corrupted: If the backup of the data is corrupted, then it cannot be retrieved properly. Even if it can be restored, users are unable to use it for future purpose.

  • Backup of the Database is not created: If the backup of the data is not created, organizations have to suffer if any problem occurs.

  • Apply Patches

The main cause of System Assertion error is the software bug. It can be fixed by service packs. Patching the SQL Server with the service pack is suitable for removal of bug related issues.

Important Note: In case if your SQL database is inaccessible and you want a quick solution to Access and recover the SQL database then the user can take the help of automated solution by using SQL database recovery Software.

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While using SQL Server, many users encounter SQL Database Error 3624. This happens when the MDF and NDF files of SQL Server gets damaged due to database corruption or software bug. One way to resolve the issue is to use latest patches released by Microsoft. Also, the data can be restored from the backup of the data created. Another approach is automated solution. This can be done with the help of software like Revove SQL Recovery Tool. This the most reliable solution and repairs the file in no time.