Recover SQL Server Database Without Backup Using DBCC CHECKDB

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Microsoft SQL Server is the lifeline of any business organization. It is globally used as a relational management system for storing and retrieval of data when requested by other applications. Microsoft tried to capture the different types of audiences by introducing dozens of editions of Microsoft SQL Server. The user of the SQL server may range from a single machine operator to a large application with many concurrent users. Many times SQL database will get corrupted and the users are looking for a solution to recover SQL Server database without backup. 

SQL server creates different files in the backend to store the database i.e. .mdf, .ndf, .ldf. Try to visualize the situation when a database get corrupted or lost and you do not have a recent backup to restore your data back. What may be the possible consequences of such a data disaster? It is very hard to calculate the actual loss. That is the only reason database administrators advise to create the backup of the SQL Server on regular intervals to prevent the data catastrophe and loss to the organization.

The repairing of the corrupt data and its associated components would definitely make your day very long. There are some predefined command is available through which you can try to recover corrupted SQL Server database without backup. But the use of third party software is always recommended. This is because it can save your time, effort and generates output with high accuracy. So your actual hardship will be diminished with the help of the software.

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What Next When You Don’t Have Fresh Backup of SQL Server Database?

It is a worst scenario for any database administrators when they don’t have any fresh or recent backup of the database. This happens many with the SQL server admins when they forget to take backup or busy in other important activities. But there is certain SQL server command through which they can try to repair only the affected part of the database.
If the SQL Server database contains the minimum level of corruption and one can easily repair the corrupted with the Database console commands or DBCC.

When the user executes the DBCC command then the database engine creates the snapshot and brings the database in a consistent state. Sometimes the snapshot of the database is not available then in such cases the DBCC commands run the against the live server. If the corruption is due to the table then try to run the command

 DBCC Checktable (‘table_name’)

This command checks the integrity of all the pages and the structure associated with the table or the indexed view

The Syntax for the DBCC Checktable to Recover SQL Server Database Without Backup

 table_name | view_name
 [ , { NOINDEX | index_id }
 [ , TABLOCK ]
 [ , MAXDOP = number_of_processors ]

If the corruption in the database still persist then in such case you need to run the DBCC Checkdb command with following attributes


The complete syntax of the command will be like this

 [ ( database_name | database_id | 0
 ) ]
 [ , TABLOCK ]
 [ , MAXDOP = number_of_processors ]

But there are certain things you need to remember and taken care off such as:

  1. The specified database must be in the single-user mode
  2. Before attempting this method, please create the physical copies of the files associated with a database such as primary data file or .mdf, secondary data file or .ndf and complete transaction log files etc.
  3. Ensure that the database state of the database is in emergency mode.

Limitations of Manual Solution 

There are certain limitations also associated with the manual solution. Some of them are:

  1. REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS | REPAIR_FAST | is not a good alternative to the recovery of the database from the well-known backup. But this can be used only as of the last or emergency resort when there is no fresh backup is available to recover data. These commands are highly supported but not considered as the best option to bring the SQL Server database to a consistent state. Because the successful execution of this command will also result in loss of data.
  2. DBCC CHECKDB does not examine any disable index.
  3. It does not ensure ACID properties any transaction

Alternative Solution to Recover Corrupted SQL Server Database Without Backup

The manual trick is the temporary solution that can only work on the minimum level of corruption and also result in data loss. The limitations of the manual solution can be eliminated with the help of Revove SQL Recovery software.

It is one of the prime software to repair and recover data from corrupted or damaged SQL Server database without any external dependency. The tool is capable to fix the header level corruption in the physical file of the database. It also supports to repair page level corruption in the database file and export the recovered database into live SQL Server present in the same machine or a network. Also, the tool allow you to save the database items as SQL Scripts, or CSV File. Download now for free from here:

Steps To Recover SQL Server Database Without Backup

Here are some easy and quick steps to Recover Corrupted SQL Server Database Without Backup 

1. Download and Install the Software and Click on open to add database file.


2. Browse the MDF file from your system and choose the Scan mode to recover the database of SQL server easily.


3. Preview the .mdf file items such as a table, stored procedure, functions, views etc. and then click the Export button to save the recovered data.


4. Choose an export option and then click on the Export button to save the recovered SQL Server database easily. 


Summing Up

There are certain circumstances arrives when the database administrators have to cope with corruption in the SQL server. This becomes worse when there is no backup available to repair the database. One can surely look to run the DBCC CHECKDB command to alter the corruption. But it can only work on the minimum level of corruption with the possibility of data loss. So in this article, we have discussed the ways to recover SQL server database without backup. The user can try to DBCC CHECKDB commands but in case if you found any difficulty then you can take the help of the automated solution.