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Published On April 22nd, 2024
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Can we Recover Deleted Emails in Gmail?

Gmail enables you to communicate with friends, family, and employers. Sometimes you delete a crucial email by mistake and then realize you want to see it again. That might be a nightmare! Thankfully, Gmail has made it extremely simple to reverse this process. Understanding how to gmail recovery email and restore emails to your account via your computer or mobile device will help you ensure that you have access to the information you need.
In this post, we’ll go over how to retrieve deleted emails from a Gmail account on a computer, how to do it on a mobile device, why it’s vital to recover these messages, and how to improve your email management.

Why Did Your Gmail Emails Disappear?

There are two primary reasons why your Gmail emails may disappear from your inbox. Let’s take a look at both of them to help you understand why your emails may have moved automatically.

Let’s break down all of the possibilities-

1) Filters in Gmail

Gmail filters are an extremely handy tool for automating the arrangement of your emails. Assume you receive email receipts from Amazon and do not want them to appear in your mailbox every time you make a purchase. Addition, Using Gmail filters, you may establish rules to automatically designate certain items as read and send them to the Archive, a specific label, or even delete them.

Depending on how you configured the filter, you may have included items that you are unaware of. While, If you built a filter with the phrase Amazon and configured it to delete automatically, you may have included a message from a coworker about something Amazon-related in that filter. If you are missing emails in Gmail, try to retrieve them by checking the filter. As a rule, never create a filter that deletes emails automatically. It’s always best to archive and mark as read. When emails are erased, the countdown begins before the trash is purged.

2) Forwards in Gmail

Another method for gmail email account recovery that, go lost is through email forwarding. Email forwarding is an effective approach to merge many email accounts into a single location. However, Let’s say you wish to forward an old Gmail account from your college days to your present account; email forwarding is the technique to do so.

That feature is available in Gmail’s Forwarding settings. Gmail forwarding settings include the option to delete an email once it has been forwarded to the new email address. If an error occurred during transit and the email did not arrive at the forwarding address, it will be deleted from Gmail. The Gmail trash automatically empties every few months, so you’ll need to check it before it does. It’s a good idea to configure the original Gmail to archive the message rather than delete it after forwarding it.

What is the Process of Gmail’s Email Deletion

When you tap Delete on an email (or multiple emails), Google moves them to your Gmail Trash folder, where they will remain for 30 days. After that time, the emails will be permanently erased.

The Trash folder contains your last 30 days’ worth of deleted emails. You’ll also see the option to Delete Forever, which permanently deletes them with only 30 days to retrieve them.

Although deleted Gmail emails are not guaranteed to be recoverable, they may still exist on Gmail’s backup servers. From there, you can ask Google’s support team to obtain them for you.

However, it can be difficult to recover permanently erased emails, thus it is recommended that you archive messages instead. Archived emails are easily accessible while remaining completely out of the way.

However, if you’re reading this article on how to recover a deleted email, here’s how to do so before and after the 30-day period, as well as with and without a recent backup of your data.

Recover deleted emails in Gmail using a backup

If you have backup enabled for your Gmail account, recovering permanently deleted emails becomes much easier. Further, Depending on how you backed up your deleted messages, you can use one or more of the following options:

  • Easily recover deleted emails with Gmail’s Message Recovery Tool.
  • Recover from Google Vault using Outlook AutoArchive.

Recover deleted emails in Gmail without a recent backup

Recovering deleted emails without a recent backup of your email data is quite impossible. Moreover, We urge that you try these approaches for gmail recovery email sooner, especially if the deleted messages you’re attempting to retrieve are approaching the 30-day mark.

If you don’t have a backup of your original email and want to find deleted emails. Then, there is a few strategies that you can follow to recover the emails from gmail without any backup but it is not mean that the data will recover.

  • Check the Trash folder to recover your recently deleted Gmail emails.
  • Recover permanently deleted emails from the administrative console.
  • Contact the Gmail Support team for recovery email for gmail
NOTE: To recover the Gmail emails user must have a backup of it , As a result without backup recovery is not possible.

To create a backup you can use SysTools Gmail Backup Software . Moreover, it is designed to provide Gmail users with a simple and quick solution to backup and download their email content.

It provides many backup options, including contacts, emails, calendars, and documents. It also enables users to back up new and updated data. This tool allows you to plan automatic backups at various intervals or backup individual email folders and labels. You can also move the stored data to other email programs such as Yahoo and Outlook.

Why is recovering deleted emails so important?

Recovering deleted emails is important because it allows you to recover messages that contain critical information. Emails can be accidentally erased, or you may not realize they contain crucial information until after you delete them. This means that a recovery function can be an effective tool for email services and administration.

How to Recover Deleted Gmail Emails

If you’ve found you’re missing Gmail emails, you can check a few places to see if you can recover them. Make a note of the steps above for some possible reasons why they are lacking in action. Fortunately, Gmail has a big storage tier for free users, so your missing Gmail emails are most likely not due to a lack of space.

1. Check Gmail Trash
When you’re missing Gmail emails, start by checking your trash. Scroll down the sidebar until you reach the trash folder. It is possible that you removed an item by mistake, or that a filter erased it. In that case, you’ll probably discover it in the garbage. Gmail clears the trash every 30 days, so check it weekly to ensure you haven’t removed anything crucial.

2. Check the Gmail Spam Folder
Email spam is a challenging process since various people have varied perspectives on what spam is. If you are missing emails in Gmail, check the spam folder to see if they were automatically moved there. Gmail empty the folder every 30 days, so check it weekly and quickly skim to see if anything significant has landed in Spam.

3. Check the Gmail Archived Email Folder
Gmail features a single Archive folder that collects all of your Gmail emails. Regardless of whether it’s in your Inbox or linked to Gmail labels, the archive folder will hold everything. If you are missing an email, check Gmail’s archive folder.

4. To Find Missing Emails Use Gmail Search
When in doubt, use Gmail’s powerful search feature to locate your missing Gmail emails. Look for any snippets of information that may be included in the email, such as the subject, name, etc. The search function can retrieve information from your entire account.

5. Use the Gmail Recovery Tool
As a last resort, Gmail provides a method to retrieve deleted emails from the previous 30 days. If the previous four steps did not successfully recover your messages, consider using the Gmail recovery tool as a last resort.
You can also follow these methods to recover deleted emails from Gmail on your laptop, Android smartphone :


On Desktop:

To recover deleted emails in Gmail from your PC, take these five easy steps:
Step-1: Open Gmail on your computer and select “More” from the left-hand menu.
Step-2: Locate and click on the “Trash” folder, which contains all of your deleted emails. If you can’t find the Trash folder, type “:trash” into the search field, and Gmail will display your deleted messages.
Step-3: Select the emails you want to retrieve or recover.
Step-4: Now, select “Move to” from the menu.
Step-5:  Choose the folder to which you want to move your emails; commonly, “Inbox.”
That-is it! You have successfully restored your gmail recovery email, and they should now be in your inbox.

On Android :
On Android, you can recovery email gmails and move them to your Gmail inbox. Here’s how.

Step-1: Launch the Gmail app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
Step-2: To access Gmail’s settings, tap the three vertical lines in the top-left corner. A sidebar will emerge.
Step-3: Select the “Trash” from the sidebar.
Step-4: Select the deleted emails which is you want to restore, by clicking the sender’s profile image next to the subject line.
Step-5: Tap the three vertical dots,To open the Gmail app menu,
Step-6: Click to the “Move To.”
Step-7: Choose a folder where Gmail should move your emails.


This tutorial explains how to gmail recovery email. You can recover lost Gmail emails from the trash or the Editing or Deleting Filter. Further, when we delete an email from your Gmail account, it is not permanently deleted; instead, it is saved in a folder titled “Trash”. As a result, Google stores this data for a limited time before permanently deleting it. We’ve examined every potential method for recovering permanently deleted emails from Gmail. In case of, If you created a backup then Several third-party data recovery services can help you recover completely lost emails from Gmail after a few days.


Q1. Can you restore deleted emails from Gmail?
A. Yes, we can recover emails that have been deleted within 30 days.

Q2. Are Gmail emails truly destroyed forever?
A. After 30 days, messages in the trash folder will be erased permanently. But if u already created a “Backup” then you can easily Recover them.

Q3. How do I restore deleted emails from Gmail after 30 days?
A. Unfortunately, you cannot recover an email after 30 days. Gmail will remove it permanently.

Q4. How can I recover my deleted Gmail emails after two years?
A. You cannot restore messages that have been in the trash folder for more than 30 days. In Addtion, The mail service provider will delete them permanently.


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