Permanently Delete Emails Saving Data Locally

Published By Siddharth Tehri
Published On September 21st, 2020
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Do you know to permanently delete emails and free the account storage? See there is a difference between the usual email deletion and permanent deletion of emails in Outlook webmail. Read this article to understand the difference between these two and find how you can remove the emails permanently from the account. Also, make sure that no important emails are deleted forever, by mistake.

Permanently Deleting Emails in Account

The traditional way to delete an email in is as below

  1. Open the email in
  2. Click on the Delete icon.

This will delete the email from the current folder. Does this process, remove the email permanently from account? NO, this method moves the email to the Trash folder, where the email is kept for the next 7 days. Afterward, according to the Outlook Trash policy, the email will be deleted from the account forever.

What Emails are deleted from Account Intentionally?

The emails will be unimportant to the user or a spam mail that is not required for the future. The users can do it in two ways; One, you can manually search for such emails and then delete them individually. Second, you can set a filter to move all such emails straight to the Trash folder.

In both ways, you will just move the emails to the Trash folder by means of deletion. This form of deletion is known as the Temporary email deletion. And once the emails are removed from the account permanently, then, it is termed as the permanent email deletion.

Thus, if you need to permanently delete emails, then, remove the emails from the Trash folder also. Once the email leaves the Trash folder, it leaves your account forever.

What if, the permanently removed email needs to be restored? Do we have any possibility of that?

Yes, we have. But it has limitations.

What are they?

We can restore the emails either by using the backup file to import the emails backup to or contacting the Outlook webmail support for email restoration. You can successfully restore the emails into if you have a backup, but the Outlook support does not guarantee a 100% assurance.

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Why Restore Permanently Deleted Emails?

In some situations, you may even delete the emails that are important. It may be a mistake by your end that can cause losing the data forever. Thus, it is always a suggestion by all experts to keep a backup of your data so that no data is lost in any condition.

So for safety, you can keep up a backup to overhead such situations and save your important data. The next question that arises is how to save the emails in You can back up the emails of to hard drive using the Backup Tool. It is very easy to execute and users can work it on any Windows or Mac systems.

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Steps to Save Emails to Computer

Run the Backup tool and log in with the Outlook account.

login to tool

Select mail folders to backup

select folders

Select a file format

select format

Browse a location to save the email file

browse location

Click on the Start button

start tool

This will save the emails of on the computer and then you can relax from the permanent deletion of emails into the account.


This article is a guide to make you learn to permanently delete emails from webmail. Please be sure after deleting each email that you haven’t moved any important email to the Trash folder. The email deleted from the account forever will be difficult to restore if no backup is present.