Open Password Protected Zip File – Know How?

Published By Siddharth Tehri
Published On July 6th, 2023
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Open Password Protected Zip File

In Abstract: In today’s growing technology, we often come across files that are password protected to ensure their privacy and security. A common type of protected file is the ZIP file, which allows for compression and encryption of multiple files and folders. So today in this blog post, let us explore the methods and tools that you can use to open password protected Zip file and get access to their contents. So, let’s dive in and unlock the secrets within!

But before knowing the solutions, it is more important for us to know some important things. Which will help us to unlock password protected zip files. So, let’s move on to the lower part and know the things

Understanding Zip Files

A Zip file is an archive format that combines one or more files into a single compressed package. It makes file sharing and storage more convenient by reducing the file size and preserving the folder structure. To protect sensitive data, users can add a password to a Zip file, preventing unauthorized access.

Let us all know how zip files work on any system then, we will know the solutions to open password protected Zip file.

How Zip File Work – Learn

Most people are familiar with how Windows folders work, so all you need to do is put all your files in one folder. The folder and all of its contents are now portable, so you can move them anywhere on your computer or copy them to another hard drive.

In any case, zip files work similarly, but as you may have noticed when you drag and drop your files into a “folder” (zip file) they get compressed to take up less space.

Now, let us know the advantages of zipping folders.

Benefits of Zipping a Folder

Consider a folder containing 20 files. What if you want to email that folder to someone? Not really! It is not possible to send a folder containing 20 files. Each of those 20 files has to be moved separately. In this case, zip files triumph over folders because if you zip all 20 files into a single zip archive, you can easily send it over the Internet via email, reducing the size of the archive. One major advantage of Zip files compared to normal folders is the ability to encrypt their contents.

Here we have to go through all the important things in the zip files from the above section. But, we do not know how to unlock password protected zip files. So, don’t you inform? The following section will tell you all the possible solutions. so, let’s go ahead and see.

Open Password Protected Zip File – Manual Solution

If you want a manual solution to open and view password protected zip files then, this part is beneficial for you. Now, if someone has sent you a zip file or you have a zip file and you know its password, then, WinRAR is such a common and popular solution to open it. So, follow the steps mentioned below.

# 1: Open Zip File Via WinRAR

  1. In WinRAR, open the zip file, then enter the correct password.
  2. Next, access your file, and then choose the Extraction Path setting.
  3. WinRAR can be used to extract zip files in this manner.

Now, use another manual method to unlock password protected zip files.

# 2: Open ZIP File via 7-Zip

Zip is your last option for opening 7-Zip files. You have to open the zip file and enter the password to decrypt the encryption. Once you extrude it to the desired location, you’re done.

Even now, if you have not been able to open the zip file even through the method mentioned above, then the only solution you have is to use any other third-party tool which is mentioned below.

Open Password Protected Zip File – Third-party Solution

Now if you do not have the password of your zip file then you do not have to worry. Here we will share with you the method to open the zip file in an automated way. Well, it may not be the easiest way but you can rest assured about your privacy and data security. So follow all the steps given below carefully.

  1. To extract the zip file, download John The Ripper Tool.
  2. The folder you will get after extracting will have a Run folder in it, so open it.
  3. Open Command Prompt by finding it in the Start menu, then copying the file you want to unlock.
  4. Enter the following command: cd desktop, cd john180j1w, cd run, zip2john.exe {your file’s name}> hash.txt, and then John.exe {your file’s name} hash.txt.

The password will then be shown, and you can use any of the above programs to open the zip file using it.

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Time to Wind-up

Unlocking password-protected Zip files can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have the correct password. However, with the right tools and techniques, it is possible to gain access to the contents of these files. Remember to always use legal and ethical means when attempting to recover or bypass passwords, and ensure that you have proper authorization to access the files. If you’re unable to open password protected zip file, it is best to reach out to the file’s owner or the party that shared it with you to obtain the correct password.