Want to Import OLM File to Windows Outlook – Effectively

Published By Siddharth Tehri
Published On April 24th, 2023
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There might be a situation where you need to import OLM file to Windows Outlook. But, how? You never know. So, in today’s article, we are going to discuss the importing of OLM files to Windows Outlook without facing any trouble.

As the OLM file extensions are limited to Outlook for Mac only. With the Outlook 2011 for MAC, the OLM files came into existence. The same purpose and usage as MS Outlook PST files on Microsoft Windows. It is very implied that Mac Outlook stores all the data present in mailboxes such as Calendars, Address Books, and Inbox. It only specifies the Mac OS and does not open through Windows Outlook.

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The compatibility error arises when you want to access their Outlook data files on another platform. Below are the reasons for a way to import OLM files into Windows Outlook.

Compelling Reasons for OLM to Outlook Windows

There are multiple reasons why users need to import their OLM files into Windows Outlook. Some of them are listed below:

  • Outlook for Mac offers no shortcuts like those available in Windows Outlook.
  • Mac OS has a complex user interface and some difficult commands.
  • Moreover, the OLM file shared a more complicated and time-taking procedure than the Windows Outlook files.

Now, after knowing the reasons let us move towards the manual method to import OLM files to Windows Outlook with easy steps:

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How to Import OLM File Into Windows Outlook Manually?

If you are looking for a manual method to import OLM file to Windows Outlook. Then, follow the below working steps for the same. But, be careful because manually you face some challenges to finish your task on time. Let us follow the steps one by one:

Step 1: Create a Gmail Account

  • Firstly, Go to the Google Account
  • Click to Create Account and Enter your name
  • In the “Username” field, enter a username
  • Now, enter and confirm your password
  • Click on Next and the option to Add and verify a phone number for your account
  • Finally, click Next.

Now, in the second step, we are going to configure the Gmail account.

Step 2: Configure Gmail Account in Outlook on Mac

  • Select the Outlook >> Preferences >> Accounts.
  • Now, click on plus (+) sign >> New Account
  • Type your email address >> Continue
  • On the first screen, you to asks to enter your email address
  • Type your password >> “Add Account” and click to “Continue
  • Sign in to your Gmail account within Outlook for Mac. Users who are on Build 16.15.18070902 and higher.
  • If you already add your Gmail Account to Outlook then see, Improved auth for the existing Gmail users
  • After that, select an account to sign in and type the account “Password”
  • Google account permissions windows appear. Click “Allow”
  • Then, click on “Open Microsoft Outlook”
  • Select “Done” to start using Outlook 2016 for Mac

Step 3: Move Mac Outlook Data into Gmail

Here, you learn how to move or copy using the Move to Folder or Copy to Folder option. Learn Below!

1. Select the Item you want to move.
2. Now, on the Outlook ribbon, select “Move”

  • To move an item to a folder, choose the folder from the drop-down list.
  • If your folder isn’t listed, then select Other Folder and select the folder from the “dialog box”.
  • Or to copy an item to a folder, select the Copy to Folder.

Steps 4: Configure Same Gmail Account in Outlook for Windows

    • Now, select “File” >> “Add Account”
    • Enter your email address and click “Connect”
    • Then, Outlook launches a Gmail Windows that asks for your Password. Enter the password and select “Sign” in
    • Important Note: After connecting your Gmail account to Outlook, you may receive a warning message in your Gmail Inbox telling you that a new login from Internet Explorer was deleted. This behavior is expected.

    • If you have a previously enabled 2-factor authentication for Gmail, you’ll be prompted to enter the code sent to your mobile device. Or if you haven’t enabled 2-factor authentication, then skip step 6
    • Now, Google Account gives permissions. Click “Allow”
    • After Outlook finishes adding your Gmail account you may add another email account or select to Done.

    Step 5: Export Gmail Data Into PST Format

    • Run the Export Gmail Emails to PST tool.
    • Log in to Gmail and creates a Backup directory
    • Now, select the “Export Type as PST” from the Export option
    • Choose the desired location on your PC.

    Step 6: Now you can Remove the Gmail Account

    Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.

    • Click on the “File” tab in the top left corner of the screen
    • Select the “Account Settings” and then choose “Account Settings” again from the dropdown menu
    • In the “Account Settings” window that opens, select the account that you want to remove from the list of accounts
    • Now, click on the “Remove” button
    • At least, confirm which you want to remove the account by clicking “Yes”.

    Note: To Import the PST File into the required Outlook Profile: Open Outlook >> File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export >> Import from another program >> PST

    This is how the manual method works to import OLM file to Windows Outlook with some technical challenges. The above method you perform is long and time-consuming for non-technical users. But don’t worry! In the next section, we have suggested an automated tool that helps you to make your task easy & also saves you time. Let’s begin with the same!

    Professional Way to Import OLM to Outlook Windows

    Without wasting any user’s time try Revove Mac OLM Converter Tool for importing batch OLM files into Windows Outlook risk-free. This tool provides multiple options to easily import the OLM data file into Outlook Windows. For both technical users and non-technical users without facing any trouble during the process. It is also compatible with Windows Outlook and Mac OS users, you can easily download the below tool after being fully satisfied with its benefits.

    Now, we are moving towards the software-working step to import OLM file to Windows Outlook. Go step-by-step for getting a reliable solution:

    Working Process of the Automated Tool

    Use these to download the easy & quick solution to import OLM files to Windows Outlook in a hassle-free manner.

    1. Download & install the Software on your Mac system.


    2. Select “Folder” or “File” mode and Browse the .olm file using the software panel.


    3. Select the desired file format from the default option ( i.e., MSG, MBOX, HTML, VCF, CSV.)


    4. Browse the location to save the resultant file & finally click on the “Export” button.


    This is how we have performed both methods to import OLM files into Outlook Windows. Manually there are some limitations, so you can easily choose an automated tool for an easy & risk-free process. Or you can choose as per your needs.

    Observational Verdict

    In this article, you get all the possible solutions to import OLM file to Windows Outlook without losing any data. Use the automated tool to import multiple OLM files into Outlook which is a completely technical-free solution. It provides 100% security for your data during the process.

    On the other hand, manually you cannot import batch OLM to Outlook and it also requires technical knowledge to perform. For more, you can read the blog or contact the support team!