Learn How to Download Yahoo Mail to Computer / USB Drive in Easy Steps

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Do you know how to download Yahoo mail to computer? Are you in a need to perform the task? If so, read the article to its end. Here we will be discussing various methods to download Yahoo mail pictures to computer system.

Yahoo mail (also, known as Ymail!) is a well-known webmail client, that has a vast user count including you. Yahoo mail is still rated in the top list of mail clients having a large number of users. Yahoo provides a storage space of 1 TB, still, some users come with an issue that their account storage is filling fast. You could be one among them or need some of your important data (pictures, emails, attachments) to be saved locally. Its human nature to save a copy of important data.

In the case of Yahoo, it has faced a large number of issues that lead some of its users to move to other mail clients. We will discuss the issues held in Yahoo mail downside. But first, let us understand how to download Yahoo mail to computer / external hard drive.

How to Download Yahoo Mail to Computer or USB Drive?

There are two approaches to accomplish your task. And we have both the techniques listed below:

  1. Transfer Yahoo Mail to another account and download Yahoo mail to PC
  2. Directly download Yahoo email to computer

Each process is discussed below and only the tested procedures are given. So be sure that you will get the expected result after performing the process. Let us start with the direct method first.

How to Save Yahoo Mail to Computer Directly?

In the direct transfer of Yahoo emails and the attachments (docs, pictures, videos, etc) to PC, use the Yahoo Backup Tool. It gives away some extra-ordinary functionalities that efficiently download and saves a copy of Yahoo mail pictures to computer or any mounted external hard drive.

Some attracting features In this approach are:

  • Backup Yahoo emails and pictures to the local machine
  • Save Yahoo emails in PST / EML / MBOX / PDF / MSG file types
  • Filter emails with a specific date range
  • Archive Yahoo emails to the local system (and not in account)
  • Download pictures from Yahoo mail in original format
  • Incremental data download option available

Now, we directly move towards the procedural part. Here, you can understand how a Yahoo mail user can easily download Yahoo emails and its pictures to PC / desktop. Before you start the procedure, please do download the application and install it on your system.

download yahoo mail to computer

Steps to Download emails Yahoo Mail to Computer

Step 1: Launch Yahoo Backup Tool & Login with your Yahoo credential

login to the tool

Step 2: Select the file format to download emails

select format

Step 3: Browse a destination to save the pictures of Yahoo mail on PC

location to download pictures from yahoo mail

Step 4: Hit on the Start button

download yahoo emails and pictures to computer

When the process is complete, a notification pops-up, click “OK” on it. This will complete the process of downloading Yahoo mail to PC. Now, you can view the exported file(s) from the destination location. This is the first approach to download pictures from Yahoo mail to computer.

Next, we move to the other method and find how to download Yahoo mail to the computer using that approach.

Indirect Process to Download Yahoo Mail to Desktop

In this approach, we will add the Yahoo mail to another account that supports a download function. Some mail clients that have the download facility are Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Zoho, Apple mail, etc. You can add your Yahoo account to any of these mail clients and then perform the data download process. Here, we have used the Outlook application to download pictures from the Yahoo mail account.

Once you add Yahoo mail in Outlook, then download important emails and attachments from the Yahoo account using the Export function.

So let us start with the process to add Yahoo mail to Outlook. Please do install the Outlook (any version) application on your system.

Steps to Configure Yahoo Mail to Outlook

  1. Launch MS Outlook application on the system
  2. Go to File menu →move to Info → select Add Account option
  3. Select “Manual setup or additional server types
  4. Choose the “POP or IMAP” option
  5. Enter server information required
    • Full Name of the user
    • Set Account Type as IMAP (or POP)
    • Enter imap.mail.yahoo.com beside Incoming Server
    • Enter smtp.mail.yahoo.com beside Outgoing Server
  6. Go to More Settings option
    • Move to Outgoing Server section
      1. Check My outgoing server requires authentication
      2. Select Use same settings as my incoming mail server option

    • Shift to Advanced tab
    • For IMAP
      1. Enter 993 & 465 for Incoming & Outgoing Server port numbers
      2. Check SSL encryption for both servers
    • For POP
      1. Enter 995 & 465 for Incoming & Outgoing Server port numbers
      2. Check SSL encryption for both servers

  7. Click OK >> Next >> Finish on consecutive pages

When you complete these steps, then restart the Outlook application. On your next access to the Outlook mail folder panel, you will also see the Yahoo mailbox folder in the email folder panel.

The sync process may take time according to your internet connectivity and bandwidth stability. As the sync is in progress, some of your Yahoo mail won’t show up in the Outlook application. but as the sync is complete, you can access all the emails and pictures of the Yahoo account in Outlook. Now, perform the Export function in Outlook to download pictures from Yahoo mail to the computer.

Steps to Export Yahoo Mail data from Outlook to Computer

  1. On MS Outlook, Move to File menu >> Open & Export >> Import / Export
  2. Choose Export to a file option
  3. Click Outlook Data File (.pst) and proceed
  4. Choose the account and folder to export
  5. Browse the destination to save the PST file so created
  6. Click Finish

This process will create a pst file containing your emails and its attachments from Yahoo mail. These are the two successful procedures to download emails and pictures from Yahoo mail to computer.

Before ending, let us just hook up on the issues held in the Yahoo mail that made the users start to check for results on downloading Yahoo mailbox data locally.

Issues Faced by Yahoo mail Users

If you see the stats of Yahoo mail over the past few years, it will show a downstate of the Yahoo mail servers in multiple intervals. It’s not the concern that only Yahoo faces this issue, but the occurrence number is far large than other webmail clients. Also, the data breach issue is never forgotten. This also made many Yahoo users switch to other mail clients.

If you notice your account, you can find in some situations, it seems irresponsive. this state is termed Outage and Yahoo often occurs with this issue. In case you need to check for Yahoo mail status of Outage in your region, try using the online down detector. Apart from this, the yahoo users have raised queries on other cases as well. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Yahoo mail login issues
  2. Yahoo mail not downloading attachments

  3. Email messages not able to be viewed

  4. Not receiving emails

These are some popular issues seen in Yahoo mail apart from the Outage. It is just an overview of the problems with the Yahoo mail to its users. There could be other reasons as well. Meanwhile, if you find any such case in your usage of Yahoo mail, better to download important pictures and emails from Yahoo mail to the computer. You can use the procedures discussed above.

Wrapping It All Together!!

Yahoo mail is a popular email client having a large number of users. A user will be more convenient to download pictures from Yahoo mail to computer and use it locally than on the online account. Some users even try to create a copy of their important data in Yahoo mail so that they don’t lose it at any circumstance.

For all this to come true for you, it’s better to find the solution on how to download Yahoo mail to computer. For your assistance, we got you some proven and verified approaches to get the task finished easily with your expected outcomes achieved.

Frequently Asked Queries

How do I download Yahoo mail to my desktop?

Simple Steps to Save Yahoo Emails in Desktop
1. Download and run Yahoo Backup Tool
2. Login application with yahoo account
3. Select a format to download Yahoo mail emails
4. Browse a location to save emails in the desktop
5. Start the process

How to download Yahoo mail attachments?

Steps to Download Yahoo attachments to Desktop
1. Login to Yahoo account and open the email having attachment
2. Click the attachment and click on the Download icon.