Learn How to Archive Hotmail Emails Locally on Windows / Mac

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Summary: This article is an illustration of the best technique to save Hotmail emails locally. Here you can learn how to archive Hotmail emails to the hard drive. This will save your Hotmail data on the local drive and also clear off the Hotmail mailbox storage space.

Do you have a lot of emails in your Hotmail account? Are they all important? If not, it is suggested to delete some of the unimportant emails from the account. Another option is to save the important ones in the local system and delete them all from the account.

Do you have any means to save Hotmail data to the local drive? It is easy if you set up the account on any desktop mail client. This will automatically create a mailbox file in the local system. Then, deleting the emails from the account will clear the mailbox space.

Do you know the function of email archiving? It is an option that helps to move the original mail file to another place. Using the same technique we have found one efficient method that will move the Hotmail emails to the local files. Let us gets started with it.

How to Archive Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive?

Have you heard of Hotmail Archive Tool? It is a smart utility that easily moves the original email from the online account to the local hard drive. In other terms, the emails will be downloaded to the hard drive and will disappear from the Hotmail account.

Here we are using the same application to archive Hotmail emails to hard drive. It has options to download the mailbox in various email formats like PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, EMLX, and PDF. this will help you transfer Hotmail emails to Thunderbird, Outlook, and many other email clients

Apart from this, you can do email filtering through folder and date range. There is also a facility to do the process in an incremental manner. The tool has different compatible versions to use on Windows and Mac systems.

There are many other functions available in this application to ease your effort and you will know about it from the below sections. Now we move to the process of archive Hotmail emails.

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Steps to Archive Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive

 1: Run Hotmail Archive Tool on Windows / Mac system.

launch hotmail email archive tool

2: Log in with the Hotmail account.

login to tool

 3: Select an email format.

select email format

 4: Browse a location and enable the Delete after Download option.

browse location

5: Click on Start to archive Hotmail emails locally.

archive hotmail emails to hard drive

This is it. Now the application will run and accomplish the task with a completion notification. After this, you can check the emails for yourself in your Hotmail account. It will not be visible in your Hotmail account anymore. To view those emails, open this email file in its supported mail client. It will show you all the archived Hotmail emails on your computer.

Blogger’s Tip: If you are not a technical person or are not confirm about the email file formats, better you keep the file in EML format. This format is supported by almost all mail clients and you can view your files by the mail clients you prefer easily.

You know, the application contains many functions to ease the user work experience while archiving Hotmail emails. You can find some major functions below.

Features of Hotmail Archive Tool

The application has a large number of functions. As you have been told about some amazing ones in the upper section, here are some that got left.

Multiple Language Support: The application is compatible with multiple languages like Spanish, Dutch, French, English, and so on. With this, the Hotmail users around the world can work this tool without any compromise on their language and easily archive Hotmail emails locally.

Folder Hierarchy Maintained: There is no worry to be taken for maintaining the emails downloaded. They are kept in the same folder structure as they are in the Hotmail account. Plus, the Meta attributes of the emails are preserved so that no emails are left unrecognized.

Manage Live Email Archive Process: You can Pause and Resume the archive process when required as this application gives you such a facility. Also, you can restore the process that got shut in the middle due to any system error.

100% Secured Process: The application offers a secured end to end process that keeps all the data safe and secure. No data is left out or unprotected. The data being processed and skipped are kept in safe mode and the utility offers a 100% guarantee for the security of the email data.

Maintaining Email Read / Unread Status: Your email status is also preserved so that you have the same email usage experience of using the Hotmail account.

These are the valuable features of the tool. It was great guiding you on how to archive Hotmail emails to the hard drive. We hope that this could be helpful for you and your all concerns are fulfilled.

Final Thoughts

All the emails are important and this importance varies from person to person. The users who feel to delete the unimportant one should do so. But be very sure that no important data is removed. The email deletion is known as the best practice to clear account storage space. Thus, you have been given the most useful method here, that is, to clear off your Hotmail account storage without losing any of the data.

Know about the method here and understand how to archive Hotmail emails to the hard drive. It is a very useful practice for Hotmail users and this solution is known to be the best for it.