Extract Password Protected ZIP File Online – Know How?

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If you forgot your Protected Zip file password, read this article in this article we talk about some of the important issues that people face today to decompress a password protected zip data file. If a password-protected ZIP file becomes corrupted, don’t worry, as you can eliminate corruption with proper ZIP repair software and extract password protected ZIP file online.

Zip data files, also known as compressed files, are one of the most convenient ways to transfer data from one computer to another. You can pack gigabytes to gigabytes of files in one place and send them to almost everyone in a single download. Due to its widespread use, many people password protect .zip files so that only authorized people can unzip the content.

How Does the Zip File Work?

Most people know how folders work on Windows. All you have to do is put all the files in individual folders. You can now move the folder containing all your content to any location on your computer, or copy the folder to another hard drive. When it comes to compressed files, they work the same way, but you may have noticed that putting files in “folders” (zip files) compresses the compressed file size and reduces used storage space. 

How Can a Password Protected Zip file Get Corrupted?

  • Header corruption due to ZIP file malware or virus infection
  • Improper or incomplete download of WinZip archive
  • Missing parity bits, CRC errors, etc. can affect the structure of the ZIP file
  • Change the ZIP file extension and use an unreliable utility to compress or create a ZIP archive
  • The system quits improperly while compressing files in use
  • ZIP files will also be corrupted if saved to a storage drive with bad sectors
  • Power failure when transferring ZIP files from one storage device to another

Automatic Solution to Extract Password Protected ZIP file Online

When it comes to the best file repair tools to repair and extract Zip files, Zip Repair Software comes out as the most reliable and efficient solution. It can extract password protected zip files from zipped archive folders and preview all types of files including files, folders, document files, songs, images, spreadsheets etc. etc. after the fix. The utility is displayed in such a way that you can add any number of corrupted ZIP files and extract data from them at the same time. This Utility comes with a demo version to test the software before purchasing. To understand how the program works, we recommend that you test the demo version for free first. It is available for free and lets you just preview the recovered zip file. To recover or remove unlimited data, purchase a license key.

Four Steps to Extract Password Protected Zip File Online

  • Run the Zip Repair Software & Load the desired ZIP file from your system into the software to go further.

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  • Next, You can preview the loaded ZIP File along with all its attributes.
  • Right Click to View Files, Uncompressed, & Save Large Files
Right Click to View Files, Uncompressed, & Save Large Files
  • Now, you can extract files by using the “Extract and Extract All” button in the navigation pane of the window.
you can extract files by using the Extract and Extract All button
  • After the process of extracting files or folders is complete, the software will display a message that reads “All Files Saved Successfully”.
display a message that reads All Files Saved Successfully


Now it is not a difficult task to extract password protected ZIP file online. After reading this post, all technical and non-technical users can easily solve their problems. The best reason to use this technique is that after the process of repairing the corrupted zip file, you can extract the file on your local machine. It allows you to extract the selected files in compressed format or in uncompressed format; as per your requirement. By default, the software will save files in uncompressed format only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long does it take to extract data from a corrupted zip file?

The time it takes for the software to repair the winzip file depends on the size of the zip file and the level of file corruption.

Q2: Does the Software need any additional application to run this software?

No, this is a standalone application and no additional application is required.

Q3: Is the tool recovering data from a damaged or broken ZIP file?

Yes, the device supports recovering badly corrupted, corrupted or broken ZIP files.

Q4: Is it recovering zip files showing errors?

Yes, ZIP Recovery can easily recover all ZIP files that could not be properly restored due to any error.