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Published On April 22nd, 2024
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Today, almost everyone uses email services, which have become so crucial that without them, much of our work would come to a halt. This is because email provides a fast and secure method of communication. There are various email applications such as Gmail, Thunderbird, Yahoo, and Outlook, each using different file formats for storing data. Maildir is one such format, known for its well-organized structure. Many users are interested in converting these files into different document formats. Have you ever wondered why someone might want to convert Maildir to TXT format?

Well, there are various reasons which we will cover in the next section. To address these issues, we have shared methods to export Maildir to TXT so that you can explore and save all your data in document format. Initially, we will go through the automated approach. Later, we will explore its benefits and steps suggested by the experts.

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Reason to Export Maildir to TXT Document

Converting Maildir to TXT format can be advantageous for several reasons, mainly:

  • TXT files are simple text files that can be easily accessed without the need for any specific or specialized software. They can be opened and read in any browser or application.
  • In most cases, we need emails to be stored in a file format that can be easily accessed and reviewed without any proprietary format restrictions, making the “Convert Maildir to TXT” document a suitable option.
  • Storing or saving emails as TXT files helps in the archiving process, as we know that TXT files consume less storage space compared to other file formats and are less likely to become corrupted.
  • For large data analysis, legal and compliance reasons, among others, having emails in TXT format can make them easier to parse and more suitable for extracting specific information using standard text processing tools.
  • TXT files are easy to edit and Manipulation with the standard text editors. This helps users a lot and allows for straightforward modifications and manipulation of the email content if needed.

Convert Maildir to TXT Document – Automated Solution

Revove Maildir Convert Tool is one of the best and most secure software to export Maildir to TXT documents. It is the most effective and reliable solution for converting Maildir/Maildir++ files into various email and document formats. There is no risk of data loss or corruption during the conversion process.

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While using this converter, you also have the option to convert or export specific selected emails from a particular time period in more than eight formats. Users can also convert Maildir to TXT format with bulk conversion in a single go and even choose a naming convention according to their preference.

Working Steps – Export Maildir to TXT Format

  • Download, install and run Maildir Converter Tool.
    maildir converter
  • Select the folder containing the Maildir file and view file in different views as shown below:
  • Now, Click on the “Export” button or select the “Export selected” option to convert Maildir to TXT for specific selected files.
  • After that, select TXT from the export option and browse the destination for the resultant document file.
    Advance features
  • Lastly, Click on the “Export” button to export Maildir to TXT format.
    maildir export option

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Key Features of the utility:

  • Converts Maildir files to multiple formats, including PST, MBOX, PDF, EML, and more.
  • Allows users to export specific selected emails based on date filters.
  • Enables the bulk conversion of large volumes of data or emails in a single operation, which will save a lot of time.
  • While the process “Convert Maildir to TXT” or another format, it maintains the original structure, metadata, and formatting of emails during the conversion.
  • Simplifies the conversion process with an easy-to-use graphical interface.
  • Supports various email clients that use Maildir format, enhancing flexibility for users.
  • Provides options for customizing the naming of output files to manage and organize converted emails easily.


In today’s blog, you have learned about the importance of email services. Therefore, we have discussed various reasons to convert Maildir to TXT documents. Furthermore, we have explored the best and most secure automated solution to export Maildir to TXT format, including its various key characteristics and how to use it?.

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Q1: Is this Converter software free to use?
Ans: Yes, using the free version, a user can convert 25 items per folder. If there is a need to convert more than 25 items, then the user can purchase the license and proceed with the conversion in bulk.

Q2: What if I want to export selected emails?
Ans: Yes, there is a Date Filter; using this filter, users can export only the selected items within a specific time period.

Q3: Does this Maildir Converter export Maildir files in other formats too ?
Ans: Yes, this Maildir Converter allow you to Convert Maildir to TXT, PST, MBOX, MSG, EML, PDF, MHT and HTML file formats.