How to Convert Maildir to PDF Detailed Guide

Published By Anurag Sharma
Published On April 18th, 2024
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In today’s era, email is becoming a crucial part of digital communication. All users use different email applications like Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo, etc. Each email application utilizes different formats for saving files. Anyway, Maildir files save data in a well-organized format. Many users seek a conversion process in documents. Have users ever wondered why they might want to convert Maildir to PDF format?

Well, there are several reasons which we have covered in a further section. Also, in order to resolve these problems, we have shared the best secure methods to export Maildir to PDF. Initially, we will be exploring the manual approach. Further, we will move on to the solution suggested by the experts.

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Reasons to export Maildir to PDF Format

  • PDF files are one of the safe document formats for finishing printing-related tasks.
  • This document format is simple to use at any time even without having an internet connection.
  • You can easily send the PDF files as an email attachment to any user for sharing the information for communication purposes.
  • Users can simply defend their PDF files with the user-level and owner-level passwords for protection. That’s why users convert Maildir to PDF.
  • Also, the high court permits to submit the digital evidence in PDF document format so this format is also valuable for forensics detectives.
  • Additionally, PDF users can edit the information of the document according to their necessity.
  • PDF format is the more useful document format for students, teachers, engineers, working professionals and many more.

After reading all the above facts, I hope now users better understand why Maildir to PDF conversion is essential. So, without taking any extra time let’s proceed the write-up.

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Convert Maildir to PDF Online Free Manual Solution

Users can follow the following steps to manually export Maildir files to PDF on Mac

  1. Initially, launch your Mac Mail on your PC.
  2. Select the emails one by one that users wish to save as a PDF and open them on their Mac machine.
  3. After that, click on the “File” option and choose “Export as PDF” from the drop-down menu to export Maildir to PDF format.
  4. To end, allocate the preferred location to the resultant PDF file.

Users have to manually choose every file to convert it into a PDF. However, this manual method to convert Maildir to PDF has some major drawbacks, as users can see in the next section.

Demerits of the Manual Method

These are a few drawbacks of the free solution that users should consider before continuing.

  • With the manual method, users cannot bulk export Maildir files to PDF.
  • This process is long and monotonous as users are required to save every mail individually into PDF format.
  • This solution can be a bit difficult for non-technical users.
  • Users cannot exclude attachments while exporting Maildir emails to PDF documents.

Convert Maildir to PDF Format with a Professional Solution

Revove Maildir Exporter Software is the best solution to export Maildir/Maildir++ files into PDF format. This is the most effective and reliable method to convert Maildir files into multiple file formats. By using this tool there is no chance of data loss during the conversion procedure.

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Moreover, users can instantly execute the bulk conversion in one go with an option to eliminate duplicate mail. This software can save Maildir messages of all its sub-directories like tmp, cur, and new. The Maildir to PDF converter tool provides the additional benefit of backing up data from Maildir files in PDF file format. It also supports to convert Maildir to MBOX File Format

Working Steps to Export Maildir to PDF

  1. Download & run Maildir to PDF converter software. Convert Maildir to PDF online
  2. Now, auto-locate the Maildir file in the software panel. Convert Maildir to PDF online free
  3. After that, get several export options. Export Maildir to PDF
  4. Lastly, export all Maildir files into PDF file format. Convert Maildir email to PDF document

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Advanced & Beneficial Features of this Application

  1. File Naming Convention: More than 5 file naming convention options are offered to save files with customized names.
  2. Date-Based Filtering: Instead of exporting all Maildir messages, users can save emails of a particular time duration
  3. Convert Maildir to PDF Document:- Users can print Maildir messages to PDF file format with attachments to make the files portable. Individuals can either create a single PDF for multiple Maildir files or create multiple PDFs for each chosen Maildir. Advanced setting options like filtering, customised page layout, and Bates numbering are provided by this Maildir to PDF Converter.
  4. Page Layout: Users can select the top, left, right, and bottom margins according to their preference. They can also choose the paper orientation and page size for the PDF when they want to export Maildir to PDF document.
  5. Bates Number: Users can change the Bates number format along with the Date stamp position & format.


As we have first explored the manual method, you now know that there are many limitations with manual solutions. With the help of the above-mentioned Maildir to PDF converter software, users can simply convert Maildir to PDF file format without any problems. If users need to learn more or want to perform this solution, they can try the free demo version, which offers the opportunity to freely export 25 items per folder. After using the free demo version, users can simply purchase the licensed version for batch conversion.

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A Few Questions Asked by Users

Q 1. Is it possible to generate one PDF file of around 20 Maildir files with the help of a Maildir to PDF converter?

Ans. Yes, you just have to check the option of ‘create single PDF’ and then, continue with the rest procedure to “export Maildir to PDF”. Along with this, the software provides intelligent processing in which, if the PDF file size increases by more than 2GB then, the tool will automatically split the resultant document.

Q 2. Does this Maildir to PDF conversion tool need server connectivity to run the conversion?

Ans. No, this Maidir email to PDF document converter tool can convert Maildir to PDF file format in the absence of server connectivity. This is a completely standalone tool, which exports Maildir emails to PDF without any dependency.