How to Remove Passwords and Restrictions from Secured PDF Files

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Scenario 1: “A few days back I came across some important document files & all are in PDF file format. I want to print the PDF files for reading purpose since I am not comfortable reading PDF files by looking at the computer screen. But the problem is whenever I try to print those files using Adobe Acrobat Pro, they ask for the permission password. As you can understand from the situation, it is not feasible to retrieve the passwords. Tell me how to remove passwords and restrictions from secured PDF files?”

Scenario 2: “Because of my professional interest, I have to deal with the large number of Adobe PDF documents every day. Often my boss asks me to put password and restrictions in PDF file and remove them from secured files. Since I am new in this field, I do not know the difference between restriction and password. Also, the method to add and remove these protections are not clear to me. Please enlighten me about the difference between PDF password and restriction and how to enable and disable these settings?”

Like these users, many others are worried about PDF file restrictions. It is known to all that PDF files are popular for the security measures they offer. Restrictions and passwords are the parts of the security measures. With password (also known as admin password), PDF files are protected from unauthorized access. While with restriction password, certain actions like copying, printing, editing, commenting in PDF are controlled. PDF file users often find themselves in an awkward position when they are in dire need to open or copy or print PDF files but do not know the passwords. To fix this problem, we will discuss the ideal way to remove passwords and restrictions from secured PDF.

Why Do People Need to Unlock Password Protected PDF

Both password and restrictions are used for the security of the PDF file. But to completely utilize the benefit of a PDF file, users need to get rid of all types of restrictions and password. Often PDF files get circulated among various people and the creator of the PDF file is not available to know the password. In such cases, it becomes imperative to remove PDF restrictions without password.

Remove Passwords and Restrictions from Secured PDF Files With Tool

If you are looking for a simple and safe solution to remove restrictions from secured pdf files, then I would suggest to use PDF Restriction Remover Tool. This application easily remove PDF file restrictions that can be set on a PDF file. This application does not even require Adobe Acrobat installation to unlock password protected PDF document.

By following these steps a user can easily remove password restriction from PDF document:

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1. Launch the software and click on Unlock.

2. Click Browse to add one or more restricted PDF files.

3. Also, choose the destination folder for saving the files.

4. Click on Unlock PDF button to remove the restrictions.

Now, users can open the PDF files saved in the new location and perform any restricted actions like copying, extracting, printing, editing, commenting without any trouble.

Note: To remove passwords from PDF documents (user-level), users need to provide the password.

How this Software is Better than Other Options

The software not only remove passwords and restrictions from secured pdf files but, it has some advantages over other available methods. Here are the reasons why you should choose this application over other techniques and tools.

No Need of Restriction Password: While other tools will prompt to enter restriction password to remove restrictions from secured pdf files. But, this program will remove all restrictions without permission password.

One time Purchase Fee: Different tools will charge you with a monthly subscription fee to let you continue using their service. But, this software is only purchased for one-time.

Bulk PDF Processing: With the help of this software, users can unlock password protected PDF files in batch at the same time (with business & enterprise license). This facility is often not provided by alternative programs.

Concluding Words

In this blog, we have thoroughly discussed the topics of restrictions and passwords of PDF file and the issues users may face regarding these two features of PDF file. Here, we have also mentioned ways to remove passwords and restrictions from secured PDF. This PDF Restriction Remover is an effective tool that will surely give users the best result. Moreover, this utility is completely free from virus and malware so there is no risk of infection or corruption. It is one of the most effective utility to remove restrictions from secured pdf files.