Troubleshoot Access Database Error 35012 With Quick Manual Tips

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MS Access is the information management tool that helps users to effectively store and organize their sensitive and confidential data for easy reference, reporting, and analysis. It allows users to perform data analysis through the complex queries. With the help of MS access, multiple users can access the data at the same time. It also enables to do frequent mass-update operations. Despite being a reliable and user-friendly application, it is prone to damage and corruption. Read this article to fix Micosoft Access Database Error 35012.

There are many reasons for corruption in the Access database such as virus infection, application error, hardware problem, operating system malfunction, etc. These issues can result loss of vital data stored in the Access database and display an unexpected error messages 35012. Thus, to resolve this error message, you have to know how to fix MS Access database error 35012. With the help of this article, you will know the cause of this error and then, you can resolve the MS Access database error 35012.

fix ms access database error 35012

Causes of MS Access Database Unexpected Error 35012

  • The MS access error 35012 arises because of corruption in the Access database. When any database content has some damage or corrupt forms or reports and users are trying to import that content. Then, due to this corrupt forms or reports, it is not possible to import the database items from the previous version to the current version.
  • This would prevent users from accessing the valuable components of the database. So, to overcome this problem, one can use an updated backup to restore the database. If a backup is unavailable then users can follow other methods to fix MS Access database error 35012.

How to Fix MS Access Database Error 35012 Manually?

The Instant Solution – Recover from the Backup

The most relevant and easy method to fix the unexpected MS Access error code 35012 is to use an updated copy of the backup file. It is an instant solution to restore the database. To recover the corrupted database of Access file, you have to place the corruption-free backup copy of the database into the new database file. But this method fails, when you don’t have a backup copy of Access database. In this situation, you can go for the next solution in which error access 97 unexpected error 35012 can be fixed with the help of Access database utility.

Resolve MS Access Database Error 35012 using Access Database Utility

There are following steps are mentioned below which can fix the MS Access database error code 35012:

  1. First, open the Access Database and click on Database Tools followed by Compact and Repair Database. This utility works even when you are unable to open the Access Database.
  2. After that, import the damaged database objects as a hit with MS Access 97 unexpected error 35012. For doing this, follow these steps:
  • First of all, create a New Access Database
  • Then, click on the File menu >> Get External data and then select the Import option
  • Now, import all items of corrupted Access Database to the newly created Database
  • Finally, the database may or may not get imported, it depends upon the level of corruption.

An Alternate Method to Fix MS Access Database Error 35012

When the above-mentioned methods are not able to fix error code 35012of MS Access. Then, in this case, the most recommended solution to troubleshooot Access database items is Revove Access Database Recovery software. This Access Recovery Software not only fix the corrupt items of the Access database but also it fixes the MS Access unexpected error 35012.

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The Concluding Words

As we know, Access database is very important and indispensable. But, sometimes the Access database can be corrupted by some unexpected errors. Due to which these become inaccessible and shows an error code 35012. Therefore, in this blog, two manual and one alternate methods are given on how to fix MS Access 97 unexpected error 35012. keeping the trust on a reliable software is the best option to ensure that the job is done smoothly and within less time.