Stepwise Product Guide – Working Preview

A complete overview of the software operation is explained here that makes users perform the task easily and conveniently.

  1. Firstly, Download and Install SQLite Viewer on your local machine

  2. Then, click the Add File button to add and start the analysis procedure of the SQLite file.

  3. Go to the Add button. A pop-up screen will appear to Browse and then, select either SQLite File type or Journal File type.

  4. Next, click on Browse to explore and open the required SQLite database file from a system
    Note: Apply the same process to add Journal data File.

  5. Click the Add button on the left-side panel to start the scanning process of SQLite.

  6. Now, in the next pop-up screen, left pane displays the tree structure of a folder and right panel displays the preview of SQLite file in the Tabular bar.

  7. Hex tab under the software assists a user to examine the email messages in binary file format. A Record bar displays the complete report of an email message.

  8. The left pane of Hex View bar displays the Page Properties. The software also renders an option to categorize the content of page properties in an ascending or descending order.

  9. To view & categorize the data, SQLite Viewer Freeware software provides color scheme i.e., Unallocated data, Deleted data, Active data and Secured data. So that users can easily distinguish the data using multiple color patterns.