Stepwise Product Guide – Working Preview

A complete overview of the software operation is explained here that makes users perform the task easily and conveniently.

  1. First of all, Download, Install, and Open OLM File Reader application on the machine

  2. After that, to add Mac Outlook OLM file, click on Add File button

  3. Now, click on the triple dots (...) button in order to browse and choose OLM files

  4. After browsing OLM file, click on the Open button in order to select it

  5. Next, you need to click on the Add button in order to load the file into the software and begin the scan process

  6. When the scan process will be completed successfully, click on OK button and proceed further

  7. Now, the application will load the complete data of OLM file with its proper folder hierarchy on the left side of the software panel

  8. Now, in order to open message in normal view, click on the Normal View tab. It includes all details related to that particular email such as Path, From, To, Subject & Attachments

  9. In order to view all attachments of a particular email, click on the Attachments tab, it displays all associated details also like attachment name & size in KB

  10. The OLM Viewer tool provides users an option to switch the view between Horizontal and Vertical view just by clicking on Switch Views button

  11. The application also provides users an option to view the details of Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, & Notes also using the respective tabs

    In order to open the Calendar details, just click on the Calendar tab and choose any particular calendar

  12. In order to open the Contacts details, just click on the Contacts tab and choose the particular contact

  13. Similarly, to open and view the Tasks details, just click on the Tasks tab & choose the specific task

  14. In last, to open the Notes details, clicking on the Notes tab and select the desired note.