Stepwise Product Guide – Working Preview

A complete overview of the software operation is explained here that makes users perform the task easily and conveniently.

  1. First, download and install the utility and launch it. The homepage will look like the image below:

  2. Next, Browse to the folder location where the virtual disk image is saved.

  3. Click on a folder to open DMG file.

  4. To further investigate an item, right-click on it and select Preview.

  5. One can view items in three different ways: File, File Properties, Hex.

  6. The ‘File’ tab will enlist items like the image below:

  7. To preview attachments, simply click on it and they will be displayed in a separate box.

  8. An image attachment when clicked is displayed in the following manner in the software:

  9. An EML message can be read just like any other file with three tabs.

  10. Preview the LOG data forensic analysis.

  11. The Software displays an image in the following format:

  12. The ‘Hex’ view of an email can be used to view encrypted data.

  13. Search option is provided to find files inside the folders.

  14. To locate a particular item/items with DMG image, select the ‘Search’ tab.

  15. Enter a keyword or phrase to identify a specific file.

  16. To further simplify the search, add date filters when the file was created, modified or last accessed.

  17. There are multiple ways adjust folders, simply Close, Expand & Collapse All.