Software Working Preview

Stepwise product guide to be followed for carrying out process successfully. Follow the steps accordingly to proceed further:.

  1. Launch the software from Start » All Program » Email Exporter Software. It will show you two options:

    Create a New Collection
    Open Recent Collection

  2. Click Create New Collection and fill the required fields: Title, Collection Path and Description.

  3. Creating or accessing existing collection will manage your email database efficiently. Click Add button after filling all required fields.

  4. Software will display confirmation for successfully added the collection name.

  5. After this you need to select the modes of the file to be added before adding files types.

    Single Mode: This mode allow user to add one file at a time
    Bulk Mode: This mode allow user to add multiple file at one time.

  6. Find Mode Option allow user to find selected file type from machine. You can select number of file types to be found and added. Click Search button

  7. As soon as you click search button, software will display all files of selected format. You can export these files into other formats. Click Add button.

  8. After clicking on Add button software will start scanning and loading the selected files with details like collection name, created on, scan status etc.

  9. Now software will display entire collection of mailbox.

  10. Software allow user to view mails in different available views before exporting it into other formats. Normal view is the default view which display mails in usual pattern.

  11. You can search into the emails to find the desired one using Search option. Here you can provide various terms or keywords in search criteria details like Subject, to, from and body.

  12. Click on the start search button and the software will fetch the emails related to the keywords and the terms you provided.

  13. Right Click and select Export option to begin exporting the selected files.

  14. Select any one export file type format (CSV, EML, HTML, MSG, PDG, PST, TIFF) and check different checkboxes accordingly:

    Maintain Folder Hierarchy: Maintain folder hierarchy of all the emails.
    Create Top Folder: Creates Top folder according to the requirement.
    Merge Exported Files: Merge different files into single one or merge them into single location.
    Exclude Duplicates: Check this you don't want to keep duplicate data.

    Now click browse button to specify the location to save the exported files.

  15. For exporting multiple folders click export option provide at navigational pane.

  16. Select multiple folders from right pane of tool and specify the target location to save files.

  17. After clicking on OK button, software display live status of export process with export count information. As soon as this process completes software display confirmation message.

  18. Navigate to the target location where you save the exported file. Software also generate complete report of the process in CSV format that is available at target location.