Software Working Preview

Stepwise product guide to be followed for carrying out process successfully. Follow the steps accordingly to proceed further:

  1. Start » All Programs » Excel to vCard Converter » xlsx to vcf converter

  2. Click on the browse button to select the MS excel file from the local storage. Click on Open button to open it up.

  3. After loading, software allows you to preview the whole content of selected XLS file; as shown below:

  4. Click on the next button to continue the conversion process.

  5. For mapping the excel fields with vCard attributes follow the given steps:
    Choose excel fields from the left side of the software screen

  6. Then Select the vCard attribute from the right panel of the software
    • FirstName » FirstName or FullName
    • Last Name » LastName
    • Email » EmailAddress
    • vCard-contacts-attributes

  7. Click on Add button after matching the fields. The software displays the matched attributes. Then after click on Next button.

  8. Select the option which you want to handle by the software during the conversion process. Checking this option will allows you to convert contacts with empty email addresses. It can single vCard file for each contacts saved in excel file
    This Excel to vCard Converter tool supports all versions of vCards i.e. v 2.1, 3.0 & 4.0

  9. After this click on Convert button to start the conversion process.
    During the conversion, software shows a number of empty email addresses and number of contacts added into vCards.

  10. Then after the completion of the conversion process, software will display a confirmation screen as follows:

  11. Software will create separate vCard files for each contact and save them at the location selected during conversion process as shown below: