Stepwise Product Guide- Working Preview

A complete overview of the software operation is explained here that makes users perform the task easily and conveniently.

  1. Launch the software from start » All Program » PDF File Encryption Remover. Click Split tab from topbar of the software window wizard.

  2. Click on Unlock button from navigation bar to start the process.

  3. When you click on the browse button the new windows appears with following option
    • Select PDF File: To browse the pdf file from the system
    • Select destination for PDF file: Allows to save the unlocked pdf file at desired location

  4. Select File from Stored location and then click OK

  5. When the file completes loading then software listed the details of security parameters of a pdf file. Select the Path to save the unlocked pdf

  6. Select the folder location properly for better accessibility to file. If you want to make the new folder then you can create it using software panel itself

  7. Click on unlock Pdf button to commence the process of PDF unlocking.

  8. A message box appears with the message that pdf file unlocked successfully. Click on Ok to proceed further.

  9. The software listed the list of components unlocked before & after unlocking process.

  10. Test the Resultant pdf files for features such as commenting, copying, pasting etc.

  11. To check whether pdf is unlocked for the copy option. Perform the following procedure.
    • Open the pdf file copy its content
    • Click on edit menu & copy it to clipboard

  12. To check the print option, select on print option from adobe pdf reader.

  13. If you want to continue the process then click on NO, It you want to exit then click on Yes.