Software Working Preview

Stepwise product guide to be followed for carrying out process successfully. Follow the steps accordingly to proceed further:

  1. Download and Install the software. Launch the tool from Start >> All program >>Windows Recovery Tool. Click on Scan Disk option located at the navigation bar to enlist the number of partitions present on file system.

  2. Scan Disk option highlighted all storage devices attached to system whether it is external storage media or internal storage media with all of details like Model, Disk Number, Name, Type, Free Size & Total size

  3. Select the drive from which you want to recover data and then hit on recover partition.

  4. As soon you click on recover partition, it pop up with three recovery option and ask you to select from option as per your requirements
    • Normal Data
    • Deleted Files/Folders
    • Formatted Partition

  5. After clicking on recover partition, progress windows opens which shows details of file & folders processed.

  6. When Software completes the process, it provides comprehensive summary of recovered folders. Now Locate your deleted files & folders using the Search button.

  7. Merge Multiple MAB file into PST

  8. You can perform query on search bar using following keywords creation date, last modified date, File Name or a Term /Extension. There is option available to filter deleted emails from inaccessible files.

  9. After Completion of recovery process, software displays all files & folders in selected partition. To preview the content right click on file & choose preview selected folder

  10. To Extract & Save the recovered files & folders you have to select respective files from left pane and right click on it and choose extract file option

  11. Merge Multiple MAB file into PST

  12. To manually save the file & folders you have to select the files in right pane and have to choose extracted file solution from drop down menu

  13. Merge Multiple MAB file into PST

  14. Click on save button to restore your files & folders. You have provide destination location to save the results. You can also create new folder using Software.

  15. Software Pop up Message Windows as soon as process completes

  16. Merge Multiple MAB file into PST